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Phoenix Virtual Solutions offer offshore staffing to healthcare providers, facilities, and management companies. Our management team has 75 years of combined experience in the US healthcare industry, bringing to the table our first-hand knowledge of healthcare processes and best practices. You can also read our latest blogs to be updated.

jean serratore - president ceo

Jean Serratore


Jean is a well-respected financial and management consultant for hundreds of healthcare providers and facilities in the US and abroad.  In 2010, she was awarded a Global Outstanding Achiever by her alma mater, University of the East.  Prior to starting her consulting business, she was a CFO and a Board of Directors for a large commercial bank in the Los Angeles area. 

For over 31 years, Jean has helped her clients achieve growth and financial stability. All business clients will agree on one thing, the  biggest company expense is labor. Offshore staffing provides  healthcare  professionals  the  ability  to  provide  necessary medical  and  other consulting services for far fewer dollars, thus generating revenues. Together with Phoenix Virtual Solutions new  ideas,  positive  outcomes,  and  optimization  of  future  desired growth and wealth management will be achieved. She founded Phoenix as a way for her clients to experience and benefit from labor costs efficiencies. 

Her clients are now enjoying the cost benefits of incorporating offshore staffing into their operations.

Reiji Serratore

SVP / Corporate Development

Reiji is an experienced intensive care unit nurse in trauma, surgical, and medical
population, and has seen the need for an efficient back office staff that supports the clinical team. He obtained his master’s in science in Nursing Education from Grand Canyon University. His familiarity with different medical records systems and administrative operational flows in a clinical setting proves to be valuable in
matching the talents of candidates to the needs of the clients.

reiji serratore - svr corporate development
jean gas - svp corporate secretary

Jean Gas

SVP / Corporate Secretary

Jean joined Phoenix as an investor partner as she believes in the global business model of the company. Prior to joining Phoenix, she managed several real estate properties and transport businesses. She is a talented executive and a critical thinker when it comes to corporate marketing strategies. She took a leadership role in setting up the corporate headquarters in Manila.

Grace Rabino

VP for Operations

Grace has over 15 years of management experience in the business process out sourcing environment. She has managed operations that supported international service brands in technology, customer service, healthcare, and revenue cycle operations. She is a proven leader in managing different technical and administrative support roles in any operational setting.

grace rabino - vp of operations
rommel ragasa - vp of administration and business development

Rommel Ragasa

VP of Administration and Business Development

Rommel’s over 12 years of management experience has successfully led various industries and organizations to new heights and milestones through his expertise in Organizational Development and Performance Management. A consistent top call center executive in the early part of his career gave him the foundation to excel in this business. Rommel’s two decades of experience in media and public relations as Director and Writer for Multi-Media, Films, and Television provide the company creative and innovative edge in Business Development. He is also a Mental Health Advocate having finished his Course Work as a scholar of Master of Arts in Education Major in Guidance and Counseling at the De La Salle University. A consistent academic scholar from the premier schools in the country, he finished his Bachelor of Science in Community Development at the University of the Philippines and is also a product of the top secondary Science, Math, and Technology institution, Philippine Science High School.

Board of Advisors

Joseph Sison

Joseph has been a seasoned healthcare financial executive for several healthcare organizations including hospitals, surgery centers, blood banks, diagnostic centers, and revenue cycle management agencies. He has recruited, hired, mentored, and helped the careers of thousands of healthcare back office workers during his over 30 years of leadership roles in the healthcare industry. He is instrumental in expanding the operations of Phoenix in California.

Frank Chao

Frank has over 30 years in managing revenue recovery companies with national operations and is currently the CEO of ICQ Search and Recovery. Prior to ICQ, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Recovery Solutions Specialist Inc., a highly successful patient and third-party reimbursement negotiating company. He is an expert in revenue cycle compliance rules and the complicated appeals processes with insurance payers.

Rhoda Magbitang, RN

Rhoda has over 25 years as a leader and administrator in the clinical research space and is currently the CEO of Prime Research Management (PRM). She is an expert in healthcare business development, program management, and strategic hospital revenue planning, healthcare operational synergies, and market research and planning. Prior to PRM, Rhoda was the Managing Director of ARC Inc.

We Work With Healthcare Providers and Companies

At Phoenix Virtual Solutions, we follow stringent screening and hiring processes to ensure that your virtual staff has the right skills and knowledge suitable to your needs. All our virtual healthcare staff are HIPAA-certified who are adept in general administration healthcare processes like patient management, insurance process, and more.

We also offer the flexibility to scale your business according to your needs.


The Phoenix Virtual Solutions team has 75 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry.  We bring to the table our first-hand knowledge of healthcare processes and best practices.

See how our company has helped other healthcare providers and facilities.

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