14 Essential Slack Apps to Increase Productivity for Remote Workers

Want to do more or better across your company? Slack apps work with functionality to meet your team goals. Enhance the daily operations and interactions of your remote team. Find the best Slack apps for your remote workers to help your team build, manage your client’s projects, organize work, and stay on top of task management.

What are Slack Apps?

Slack is a user interface valued by businesses to communicate well with other people. Third-party software programs called Slack apps integrate Slack instead of using a separate tool. When using Slack apps, your team can collaborate and work with ease on the following benefits:

  • Enhanced functionality. Turn Slack into a hub for project management, meditation, and employee recognition.
  • Centralized management. Ease of use is functionality leverage. Slack allows you to navigate between similar interfaces without the need to log in or switch between them.
  • Improved collaboration. The main focus of these apps is easy collaboration tools for communication. Looking to gear up your fitness and wellness goals? Keep yourself on track by using Slack tools. You can use this individually or share your goals with co-workers to support each other while adding an element of team building.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Many of these apps provide free and budget-friendly plans.
  • Ease of adoption.  Get your team to hang out during the workday using easy-to-adopt tools with a Slack interface that is easily integrated into commonly used communication interfaces.
  • Improved communication. Tired of seeing overwhelming messages and video calls in your inbox? Manage your conversations only within Slack to ensure no messages are left unheard.

Human Resource and Team Culture

1. Bonusly

Use slash commands to give bonuses with specific amounts, add customized messages and GIFs, and use shortcuts to claim recognition awards.

2. Nectar

Recognize your peers with spot bonuses in seconds without interrupting the entire workflow. Drive the company’s core values, and boost the team’s camaraderie and morale with shoutouts using simple slash commands.


3. Monday.com

Work on tasks and projects in real-time without distractions, work interruptions, and bouncing between applications.

4. Favro

Adds scheduling, invoicing, and time tracking on projects. Set notifications for each task and create channels for specific projects.

Project Management

5. Hubstaff

Offers both managers and teams a user-friendly time clock, performance tracker, and a screenshot option as proof of work solution for remote staff. Hubstaff also sends alerts to managers when projects go over budget, thus preventing project risks.

6. Teamwork

Provides real-time message alerts on project changes and feedback, enabling you to plan, design, and approve in easy steps. Integrating Teamwork with Slack also allows you to work on new and previous tasks conveniently without having to leave Slack.

Free Use

7. Cloverpop

Keeps a  searchable record base of all your key decisions. It’s like having a personal decision assistant. Encourage teammates to become proactive. Find out how they feel about certain decisions by creating voting polls. The app also can be used to request approvals and lets you refresh on past decisions after a long break or vacation.

8. Mindmap

Map your thoughts and complex ideas and share them with your collaborators to give them a better understanding of key points. Copy and paste URLs into the Slack channel to provide a clear grasp of your plans and concepts.


9. Tettra Wiki

Search existing posts on specific queries to get the answers you need without the hassle of scrolling through stacks of files and emails. The integration app maintains continuity in the business since no one has to start from scratch. The knowledge base stays regardless of switching employees.

10. Range

Streamlines meetings as it sends out reminders, team check-ins, and at the same time provides status updates and questions for team members to consider. Eliminate unnecessary standup meets outside of actual meetings with Slack integrations to optimize productivity and improve team collaboration.

For Fun

11. Trivia

An engaging app integration that de-stresses tough workdays, boosts team brain skills and brings teams closer by offering real-time games, puzzles, and quizzes.

12. Birthday Bot

Remembers the birthdays of your teammates without inputting anything. Configure when you want to receive direct messages before the big day.

Health and Wellness

13. Meditation.live

Adopt a feel-good zen vibe with your team. This app sends inspirational quotes every day to your team and links to mindfulness meditations without the need to search.

14. Gratitudely

This app serves as a gratitude wall for you and your team. All you need is one sentence and the app finds a suitable image to pair with your message then applies an overlaid text. Make it a happy place to share with your team.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of using Slack apps in your business lessens the burden of team management for both managers and remote workers. Side hassles that mostly plague team management include inbox fatigue, ineffective costing, and non-centralized process management.

Decide which Slack app works best for you. Our Phoenix Virtual Solutions team is here to assist you in creating the perfect remote unit for your business. Our highly skilled virtual healthcare assistants are ready to manage your projects and optimize productivity. Be stress-free in your business, and contact us now!

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