Virtual staff sharing their creative valentine's week ideas

5 Creative Valentine’s Week Ideas for Your Virtual Staff During COVID-19

Flowers and chocolates are typically associated with Valentine’s Day. It is also an awesome opportunity to show your appreciation to your team in the workplace. But most times, many employees do not feel engaged at work. Research shows that if you have engaged employees, their productivity increases and keeps them from seeking out a new job to fill that void. Want to maintain a connection with your remote workers? Here are some activities you can try to make your virtual staff’s Valentine’s week one to remember and look forward to next year.

Why Celebrating Valentine's Week at Work is a Great Opportunity for Your Virtual Staff?

Virtual staff on Valentine's day

Improve Camaraderie

When joining company activities, whether it is virtual or in real-time, your employees engage and celebrate these events as a whole unit. Such activities boosts their morale as a team and forms a bond that sparks a great feeling of togetherness and a sense of belonging. 

Promote Appreciation

If you want your remote workers to feel appreciated, reward or motivate employees who have shown extra effort. Consider creating an employee recognition and rewards program to show how you appreciate your peers. 

Increase Productivity

Activities with your team can be as simple as playing group games such as bingo or holding a cake or cookie decorating event goes a long way in the workspace. These activities deviate from the daily toil and can reduce their stress levels as well as boost productivity and creativity in handling their tasks.

Encourage a Caring Work Environment

If the way your team celebrates Valentine’s Week is universal, the environment becomes psychologically safe and caring for everyone.

Brighten the Mood

Spread some cheer among people even in these challenging pandemic times. Organize and make Valentine’s Week celebration a fun event to lift the team’s spirit.

Virtual Valentine's Week Celebration Ideas for the Workplace

Virtual Assistant participating the Valentine's week activities

1. Host or Order Breakfast and Gift Candy Mason Jars

Bring your office or in-house employees some fruits, bagels, or pastries. Order breakfast dishes for your remote workers. Decorate an office table with red roses, scattered paper hearts, and a tablecloth-themed for Valentine’s Day. Send mason jars with personal names as a nice morning surprise to your team. Fill them with chocolates and candies and cover them with a cupcake wrapper on top.

2. Share Goody Bags and Decorate Your Own Cookies

Give each employee a goody bag filled with gift cards, candy, and a note you wrote by hand. Pay extra attention to preferences and restrictions for the team’s diet. Bake or buy sugar-free cookies shaped into hearts for employees as gifts or turn this into a team activity where they can decorate the cookies and take them home. Provide mini candies, sprinkles, chocolate lollies,  various icing tubes, colorful ribbons, and loot bags.

3. Make Charitable Donations

List up to five charities and create short descriptions of each charity. Stick it on a jar placed in their office lunchroom. Then, cut out red paper hearts for your employees to drop in the charity jar they prefer. Each paper heart is equivalent to a $10 cash donation from the company’s funds.  Phoenix Virtual Solutions is no stranger to charity. We recently held a charity event together with the American Chamber Foundation and Save the Children Foundation in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines dedicated to children affected by asthma.

4. Decorate Home Office

Look up Pinterest for some Valentine’s Day-themed decorations to deck out your virtual employees’ workstations. Ship pink, white, and red balloon bouquets to the homes of your remote workers. Order flower arrangements that are edible and give heart decals and streamers to decorate their computer monitors and chairs.

5. Take a Virtual Class

Take virtual courses together that cover interesting topics to activate the team’s creativity and curiosity. The courses can range from art and photography to making cocktail drinks and appreciating wine. Send invites through your cloud communications tool like  Ring Central to encourage your remote workers’ participation.

Final Thoughts
On Valentine’s Week, make every day count. Recognize your team in a fun and caring way to increase employee engagement. Make the world significant to some people. Spread the love not only for your special someone but extend the warmth of this occasion to in-house employees, and remote workers.

Want more ideas to reward your virtual staff throughout the year? Talk to Phoenix Virtual Solutions and check out our list of virtual staffing services.

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