advantage of full-time vs. part-time virtual health assistant

Advantage of Full-time vs. Part-time Virtual Healthcare Assistant

You might be asking yourself right now if you should choose to hire a full-time or part-time  Virtual Healthcare Assistant. There are several things to consider before choosing one, but it should all boil down to how much your company can save should you choose to hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines. 

Given our current situation, where we are dealing with a pandemic that we do not know when will end, we should always consider the safety of our people, especially in the workplace. There is no safer place than at home today. This is one of the main reasons why outsourcing has virtually grown in popularity. 

Now that you’re considering employing a part-time or full-time Virtual Healthcare Assistant, let’s go over the differences and why you should go with the latter.


You’ll be surprised at how fast you can use up the time of your Virtual Healthcare Assistant and delegate more tasks than you have thought of initially and would make them extend time more than often resulting in an unfixed schedule and over the budget payout. As a business owner, your expenses should always be reasonable and bring higher value to your business. 

When choosing to hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, most Filipino workers prefer a full-time, stable, and long-term job. Especially those who have more experience in the Virtual Assistant field because having a steady, consistent income is typically appreciated more than the opportunity to make a little additional money in the short term. As a result, staff retention is nearly impossible when opting to hire part-time.


Your Virtual Healthcare Assistant will now have more time to complete and focus on the tasks you have allocated to them, and they will be able to cover your manpower even outside of your working hours to attend to your clients or patients whenever needed. Since Phoenix Virtual Solutions offers customizable services to our clients, you have the chance to choose any working hours for your Virtual Healthcare Assistants.

Given that you have hired a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, you have now provided someone with a reliable and consistent income. In return, expect unprecedented work performance and trustworthy manpower which requires less supervision when left with tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the day. 

At the end of the day, it is your decision whether what to choose but be assured that Phoenix Virtual Solutions only wants what’s best for your practice, and when you choose to hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines, we are confident about their workmanship and willingness to learn and be of service to your business.

Remote work has changed everything in the corporate and healthcare world and the pandemic has accelerated its growth and popularity day by day. Now that there are different variants of the virus that are vaccine resistant, more employees are choosing to work from home as Virtual Healthcare Assistants and escape the hassle of commuting and seeing people face to face, this is also to lessen contact and being in an unsafe environment. 

Phoenix Virtual Solutions wants to support and be part of this change in shifting to remote work, where the safety of business owners and employees is equally important. Feel free to contact us so we can discuss how we can find the best solution to the challenges you face today.

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