Benefits of Hiring Virtual Healthcare Assistants from the Philippines

You’ve probably read a lot of articles talking about the benefits of hiring virtual healthcare assistants but do you know why it is best to hire them from the Philippines?

Here are some of the reasons these good-natured people would be your best bet.

1. Flexible and exposed to working the night shifts

With the booming BPO industry in the Philippines, many Filipinos are used to working the night shift. Getting a Filipino virtual healthcare assistant would spare you the problem of having staff who would need adjustment in working late hours.

2. Highly trainable for bigger roles later on

Filipinos are hardworking and systematic when it comes to tasks. If you give them a number of things to accomplish, they do it with efficiency to ensure they meet the deadline. Credit goes to juggling work and household duties, which made them good multi-taskers. These skills and attitude are good foundations of a team member that you can train to be a Manager, especially if you have plans of hiring more people to be part of your team later on.

3. Open communication

Filipinos are naturally shy. They tend to keep their challenges at work to themselves as bothering anyone when they can figure things out on their own is the last on their list. Once they feel secure and comfortable, you’ll see that they are quite open-minded and actually appreciate being guided and wouldn’t mind checked-in every now and then.

4. When it comes to resilience and grit, they definitely have it

Even if they have personal problems, your Filipino virtual healthcare assistant will still show up at work with enthusiasm and deliver the expected tasks. That’s how resilient they are and this work ethic is common to all of the workforce in the country. Perhaps such value is really inculcated in their culture and they are taught to endure with grace under pressure while growing up.

5. Less labor cost

It’s common knowledge that salaries in the Philippines are lower than getting someone onshore due to differences in wage rates and currency conversions. Moreover, the usual way of payment in the Philippines is bi-monthly, not per hour. It’s your option though as to which mode of payment you would go for. Just keep in mind that despite being relatively cheaper, it is important to price competitively to get the attention of the more experienced virtual assistants.

6. No workspace needed

The perks of getting a Filipino virtual assistant is another expense crossed off your list. You need not worry about office matters from rental, equipment to supplies. Imagine the savings! While your staff can work from home, there is also the option of hiring from a virtual staff company that can provide an office area for the assistant that you hire from them. This alternative may entail more cost though.

Perks of birthday leaves and free meals

There are many advantages to hiring a Filipino health virtual assistant but just like any remote set-up, it also has its challenges. Among these are promoting teamwork among your employees. This is why there are perks such as free meals and birthday leaves. Treat your staff to a meal and have them eat out in a restaurant as a way of team building or give them birthday leaves so they can spend this special day with their loved ones. This won’t cost you much as the return goes a long way in giving them motivation.

Now comes the next question: Where do you find these competent Filipino virtual healthcare assistants that you would want to be a permanent part of your organization?

Well, this is where Phoenix Virtual Solutions specializes!

Providing offshore HIPAA-certified staff to medical companies and facilities, our management team brings 75 combined years of knowledge and experience of effective processes and best practices in the healthcare industry.

The services our virtual healthcare assistants can do for you range from customer service, back-office, and even finance and accounting tasks. They are adept in scheduling and following up appointments, answering queries whether on the phone or online, database entry, patient record management, insurance billing and collection, and yes, even sorting out financial reports and balance sheets.

All these will give you the space and time needed to attend to more important matters in your vocation, namely your patients.

So how does this work? Simple. You tell us what services you need and we provide you with the right Filipino virtual healthcare assistants who have the right background and experience to deliver your specific tasks.

Plus, with offices located both in the US and Philippines, you can be sure that our representatives will be able to assist you with anything should the need arise.

Sounds like a plan? Well, it’s actually a good plan. In fact, it’s so good that it’s best to act on it. Call us today and let’s talk about how we can help you optimize and transform your healthcare organization!

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