jean serratore - president ceo

Jean Serratore


Jean is a well-respected financial and management consultant for hundreds of healthcare providers and facilities in the US and abroad.  In 2010, she was awarded a Global Outstanding Achiever by her alma mater, University of the East.  Prior to starting her consulting business, she was a CFO and a Board of Directors for a large commercial bank in the Los Angeles area. 

For over 31 years, Jean has helped her clients achieve growth and financial stability. All business clients will agree on one thing, the  biggest company expense is labor. Offshore staffing provides  healthcare  professionals  the  ability  to  provide  necessary medical  and  other consulting services for far fewer dollars, thus generating revenues. Together with Phoenix Virtual Solutions new  ideas,  positive  outcomes,  and  optimization  of  future  desired growth and wealth management will be achieved. She founded Phoenix as a way for her clients to experience and benefit from labor costs efficiencies. 

Her clients are now enjoying the cost benefits of incorporating offshore staffing into their operations.

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