Foreign vs domestic

Foreign Versus Domestic Virtual Assistant: Which Do You Prefer?

More people prefer to hire a virtual assistant because of some very obvious and reasonable points. For one, the prices for such services are at an all-time low. Then again, for such a price, many account for terrible experiences which have led them to completely dismiss the virtual assistant industry altogether. Sadly, many have missed out on the distinct pros and cons of hiring a foreign virtual assistant versus a domestic virtual assistant in the United States. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks that are unique and suitable for a particular work that requires their service.

Employee and Economic Costs

Foreign vs domestic

Cheaper in Price

Being cheap is an obvious advantage when you avail the service of a foreign virtual assistant compared to a domestic virtual assistant. The price is unbeatable because of the lower cost of living overseas. But cheaper doesn’t always mean it is better. This is where you have to consider the differences between the end value of the service against its upfront price.

Lose Your Revenue

Many business owners and professionals find outsourcing overseas a lost opportunity for the economic growth of your own country. It applies to companies who hire foreign or domestic virtual assistants for the wrong reasons. If your virtual assistant takes away the daily tasks that prohibit your business growth and limits high-impact work, you’ll end up losing your revenue. You cannot scale your business fast if you hire domestic virtual assistants at a higher price.

Communication Barriers

Communication barriers

English as Their Second Language

Usually, you work with a foreign virtual assistant who speaks English as a second language. Sometimes, it does not affect the work and can be an advantage. One good example is when your Filipino virtual healthcare assistants at Phoenix Virtual Solutions provide customer support to Filipino customers and both can communicate comfortably and effectively. 

However, in other situations, the evident language barrier poses significant problems that can affect efficient output. When discussing a project, exchanging correct information is crucial. If tiny details are lost in translation, this could lead to inaccurate results. During the onboarding process, Phoenix Virtual Solutions assures you that our virtual healthcare assistants are equipped and trained to understand on-point local language terminologies and are fluent with the client’s preferences on communication.

Client Facing Roles

In certain instances, your virtual assistant may find themselves dealing directly with your clients to provide customer support, sales calls, as well as possibly attending to your personal phone calls. These must be avoided if you’re faced with language barrier issues. Don’t let this discourage you because you can still source the services of foreign virtual assistants who have the same written and verbal communication skills. With Phoenix Virtual Solutions, you can employ highly skilled and educated Filipino virtual healthcare assistants who are capable of effectively communicating with your clients and suppliers.

More Challenging Instructions

People assume a virtual assistant’s job is easy. But, little do most know that such a job could be more challenging than what it appears to be. The job is not a walk in the park, as one has to contend with the client’s expectations of having to handle and run a project as if they were doing this themselves. A virtual assistant is envisioned to know everything even if they know very little information on the context and intent of the assignment and tasks handed over to them. Most often than not, instructions given to a virtual assistant are cryptic and vague, which requires them to read between the lines and sometimes read minds to determine their tasks at hand. On top of this, the tasks get even more challenging when stated instructions are not in their native tongue.

Reliability of Candidates

Reliability of candidates

Evolving Client-Employee Relationship

Often, the work of the foreign or domestic virtual assistant is not clear-cut and straightforward. A client-employee relationship evolves well once you eliminate problems such as language barriers. Once this has been addressed, you won’t hesitate to delegate tasks when results are reliable. 

More Value

Since domestic virtual assistants understand how expensive their pricing is, they can justify it by delivering more value. Virtual assistants locally based are always willing to participate in their client’s businesses. This advantage usually applies to solo business owners who need more help they can get.

In-Person Client Meetings

Domestic virtual assistants have the advantage of meeting a client in person. However, you may put into consideration whether it can render effective results. You could risk hiring someone that does not deliver their promises and it would be a waste of more money, time, and resources to re-do the entire process.

Final Thoughts

The decision is ultimately up to you. How you weigh up the important nitty-gritty details and tasks of your business could make or break it for both you and your prospective virtual assistant. Phoenix Virtual Solutions is here to assist you with your business dilemmas. If your resources can hire both domestic and foreign virtual healthcare assistants, contact us to find the right balance between both. We handle the insurance process, patient management as well as medical records, and billing and collection.

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