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Get Paid on Time with Medical Billing and Collections Services | COVID-19 Clinical Labs Test Claims

The millions of tests conducted daily to cater to all COVID-19 tests is phenomenal and outrageous. All the Medical Billing and Collection laboratories offering COVID-19 tests know this is good business. But this business lies on how efficient the collection service is. But is it really?

No matter how large the volume of these tests is and how many people come in to get tested in your laboratory, if the numbers are not yet reflected in your cash flow then these numbers are still a liability. 

The medical community still continues to find new discoveries about this pandemic which just started more than a year ago. It hasn’t been long since we learned how to live life with a COVID-19 scare just around the corner. Which also means it’s new for everyone. Most insurance companies didn’t have these types of tests covered before, some amended their policies to cater to their clients, some didn’t. Yet because of the demand and the number of people getting tested daily, laboratories are expected to render on-time submission. They need to adjust the needed Be sure you have the tools and the manpower to make sure all these are delivered. 

To ensure that these COVID-19 tests translate to really good business, you need to create a team dedicated to medical billing and collections to make ensure that you are paid on time for all the services you have provided to your patients. In outsourcing virtual assistants for medical practice, you are saving vital time and costs. The virtual healthcare assistants manpower handling your medical billing and collections should be able to help you collect bills and record them accordingly. 

The medical and collection specialist is responsible for a broad range of billing functions by providing operational support through the full billing cycle:  duties include collections, payment posting, billing, claim submissions, medical insurance communications, and other billing matters. Do not worry about delays due to lack of follow-ups and communication from insurance companies and patients, our virtual healthcare assistants will take over this task that will provide you with to assure you to have more time to provide personal care to your clients. in your own service facing clients.

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Have a list of the needed services from our virtual assistants you need assistance with and Phoenix Virtual Solutions will lay out anything we can offer to make your process smoother and faster while giving you around 60% savings in your labor costs. Experience significant improvement in your daily operations. You will now have more time in handling your patients and you can now cater to a higher volume of people who want to get tested without worrying about the slow turnout of payments and response from insurance companies. Medical billing and coding services will help you be ahead of the game by attaining important information needed to streamline your business process.

Most delays are caused by inaccurate information coded in the system. When it comes to paperwork the patient’s records should match their insurance policies and any other government-covered expenses. Just like any other business, having a clean record and transparency of these data can make it easier for you to track your sales, payables, and collectibles.

Rise up your business and resolve these challenges. Get paid on time with the Medical Billing, Coding, and Collections Services of Phoenix Virtual Solutions. Minimize these types of problems that can easily be resolved. Now, you are now presented with a solution that can answer the troubles affecting your cash flow. Medical billing and collection companies are proven to help other companies double their productivity by having dedicated manpower exclusively handling your marketable securities.

Leave us a message and let’s plan out how we can help you soar high with Phoenix.

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