Rise Up to Change: The Walmart Healthcare Evolution Challenge

By Rommel Ragasa

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution perhaps has never been so relevant in modern history as to what is happening in today’s “Covid Pandemic New World”.

It was in 1859 when one of the revered scientists on human evolution, Charles Darwin made his book “On the Origin of Species”. This theory is premised on individuals with traits that allow them to adapt to their environment will help them survive by passing on those adaptive traits to their offspring while those individuals with less adaptive traits will less frequently survive. Thus, humanity is an ever-changing evolution or adaptation to the environment but perhaps no greater challenge to adapt in modern history is posed in humanity compared to what this pandemic gave us.

The same is true with business as this pandemic created a significant need to evolve or adapt as the whole world made a drastic shift to a more digital and online platform of doing transactions.

This business adaptation is perhaps most needed in the healthcare industry that includes hospitals, healthcare facilities and clinical laboratories. Phoenix Virtual Solutions can help you “Rise up to Change” by being your partner in your business transactions.

Like a Phoenix, we will help you rise from the challenges of the times by being your partner in applying these significant adaptive traits of having Virtual Healthcare Assistants. We will be your partner in making this environmental challenge be an opportunity not only to grow your business by saving costs from your labor force but also by growing, adapting and nurturing this opportunity to have more work-life balance as our healthcare virtual staff take care of business support needs.

There is another challenge though that is being posted in the healthcare clinics which is the creation of healthcare supercenters in Walmart.

Incidentally, Walmart is also adapting big to this healthcare need phenomenon as it responded to the demand of covid testing by opening up 4,000 healthcare supercenters by 2029 that include comprehensive clinical laboratory services as well as healthcare services.

The challenge here for independent clinical laboratories is that how can they compete with your next-door Walmart who is offering the same clinical lab services?

As Walmart aims to revolutionize retail healthcare the way they changed the grocery industry, the playing field can be maintained by making most of the online platform for consumers as well as virtual healthcare support for clinics and laboratories.

Clinical laboratories that cannot adapt to this Walmart Healthcare Retail Evolution may not survive this “race of the fittest”. However, according the Dava Stewart, there is a way to adapt and evolve by shifting to a more direct-to-consumer interactions. This is what the online business platform offers and this is how Phoenix Virtual Solutions will help clinical laboratories adapt in this Walmart Healthcare Evolution Challenge.

Charles Darwin once said; “The love for all living creatures is the most noble attributes of man”.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions will help you adapt and evolve not only by saving your labor costs and by having direct to consumer interactions with the help of our virtual healthcare assistants, but more importantly, by having a work-life balance as Phoenix takes care of your business support while you spend more time for your family.

So let us all Rise Up to Change with Phoenix!

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