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Hiring Virtual Staff to Achieve Your Business Vision

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, disruptions changed many aspects of our daily lives – our way of living, our workplace, business processes, and the entire global economy. Are you also struggling to manage this occurring fallout? If you are, then prepare for what awaits you around the bend. 

Make these visionary leaders your example when confronted with the most imminent threats. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, and Winston Churchill did not react to them but broadened their minds. Their visions guided them to a better future. In return, their people led them after overcoming those challenges.

Begin to prepare for any crisis now. In one to two years from today, your business will no longer be the same as it is in the present when the Covid-19 pandemic comes to an end. To do go the right path, identify your longer-term vision. See yourself and your business moving forward to five or ten years. Finding your norther star should inspire you to focus more on your short and mid-term goals. 

Spend Time Envisioning Your Future by Hiring Virtual Staff

Phoenix Virtual Solutions

Allocate 10 to 20 percent of your time per week over the next few months to discover and envision where you like your company to be once this crisis passes. Make this aspiration consistent with your long-term vision. Let the chief executive officer and other key line leaders do this thinking themselves. 

Interrogate what changes and not focus on your operating environment, markets, and customers. Line your vision towards your customers’ needs, find ways to meet their demands that constantly evolve, and meet your overall business capacity involving all your products and services.

Determine the resilience level of your core businesses to make light of these changes. Identify unnecessary elements in your portfolio that you should sell off or shut down. Consider business opportunities and protect against threats and accelerate new growth offerings.

Develop a Strategy Where You Can Walk Back On Your Envisioned Future to Today

Work your way backward – from the long-term to your mid-term aspirations. Doing this gives you room to maneuver as well as allows you to do these: 

  • Forces you to think clearly without falter
  • Clean-sheet what you could become with no constraints from the way things are happening
  • Aid in deciding which investments you should prioritize in terms of costs

With the way things are today, it is a good business strategy to out a path, anchor new opportunities and offerings, step back from the mad dash (if you need to), and let your mind see what the future could bring forth. Reverse-engineer and ask yourself what and by when should you use the best possible way to grow your business. 

Meet all your benchmarks and milestones by creating a program internally, or maybe partner with Phoenix Virtual Solutions to cater to your business needs and hiring virtual staff equipped with HIPAA training. It’s prime time to pilot key elements at regular intervals for your envisioned program.

Be Prepared to Learn and Pivot

Measure, monitor, and review your progress since the environment rapidly changes. Prove or disapprove of the data and experience you’ve collected upon testing them. Adjust and revisit your vision and your strategy and continue to shape them. Pay attention to the strong and faint signals to quickly learn while constantly pivoting.

Rally Your Virtual Staff Around Your Vision

Phoenix Virtual Solutions

Let your virtual staff, in-house employees, and stakeholders believe in your view to achieve a better future. Your long-term vision should be inspiring, relatively stable, and complete with purpose. For example, Phoenix Virtual Solutions is hiring virtual staff and continues to inspire them to perform well using an easy, stress-free tracker tool such as Time Doctor. Each manager keeps its strategy on target and uses Ring Central to communicate with each virtual assistant.

Final Thoughts

Even though you cannot predict the gravity of the present crisis, all will struggle with many challenges and adopt many ways to cope. Do you feel as if you cannot afford to carve out the time to do these? Let Phoenix Virtual Solutions help you set your vision and build a strategic path to it. Remember that leaders who manage their business daily and lead with a mission and vision will emerge from this crisis as they grow stronger and more resilient than before. Don’t get left behind! Contact us today to know our roster of healthcare virtual staffing solutions at lower costs for your better business future.

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