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How A Virtual Medical Assistant Has Changed Patient Care Equations

Do you collect all the details from your patients, organize, and keep them all updated regularly by yourself? Are these taking a toll on your time and space personally and professionally? An effective and efficient virtual medical assistant is your solution! Learn about the importance of virtual assistance care in your business. 

When the quarantines began in early 2020, business owners opted to allow their employees to work from the comfort of their homes rather than lay them off because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Today, several countries are slowly regaining and coming back to normal. However, as a business owner, you need to consider embracing virtual staffing solutions rather than going back to the previous office setup. 

What is Virtual Assistance Care and Its Use?

A healthcare virtual staff does remote work from another country to help carry out your routine tasks such as:

  • setting patient appointments
  • maintaining patient engagements
  • managing the front office

Meanwhile, the traditional personal assistant does face-to-face work on various tasks with the employer. Often, they work exclusively to handle business needs for that employer.

Importance of Virtual Assistant Care

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Enhancement in the Scope

It does not matter whether you are still new in this field of virtual medical care or an expert who wants to expand your areas of expertise. Hire a virtual medical assistant to handle a gamut of tasks related to administrative roles and more. They can also provide you with better facilities if you focus on having valuable interactions with your patients.

Managing Patient Records, Appointments, and Schedules

Virtual medical assistants work remotely and provide all the patient information within a few minutes to help healthcare practitioners.

Virtual medical assistants also help with the following non-clinical jobs:

  • manage records of the patients
  • schedule appointments
  • send reminders to the patients of their upcoming appointments
  • rearrange cancellations
  • provide data management
  • gather the patient’s health and medical history
  • obtain insurance details
  • handle billing or costing
  • analyze preclinical symptoms
  • maintain accurate analysis of all the records

Hiring HIPAA-trained healthcare virtual staff will save up lots of precious time for doctors when they need to dive deep into physical records. Phoenix Virtual Solutions get this unnecessary weight off your shoulders as doctors and medical professionals. You can choose to try our offshore outsourcing offer on a dynamic selection of VMAs.

Most doctors and healthcare professionals recently switched to electronic medical records (EMRs) to keep track of patient data. The virtual assistant can take care of this task while ensuring all records are updated daily and invoices are delivered timely to concerned patients. These records should come with the latest prescriptions given by the doctor along with generated invoices.

Virtual medical assistants provide doctors with a timely update regarding their patients’ engagements. This enables medical practitioners more time to attend to and accommodate more patients as looming predictions tell of a shortage in licensed physicians in the US. As patients increase, life expectancy rates will continue to drop. That’s why, in such a scenario, having a support virtual staff of medical assistants eases the workload of the doctors in managing administrative work enabling them to focus more on patient care.

Mediator Between Patients and Doctor

The mediator role of virtual medical assistants is to filter important information and process it, forwarding it to the doctor or patients. Doctors receive inquiries from patients at odd hours. Even if these issues are minor, patients want timely and accurate information. There is no need to contact the doctor when minor complications occur. VMAs can help the patients themselves and walk them through procedures.

In the same way, if doctors want to pass down some information to all their patients, they don’t have to spend long hours going through a long list of records. Their virtual medical assistant can do this by contacting each patient allowing doctors to free up more time allotted for the treatment of their patients. Virtual medical assistants at Phoenix Virtual Solutions handle routine tasks effectively without the complexity of instructions. They can save you more valuable time and boost your productivity.

Effective and Improved Service Quality

To meticulously diagnose a patient, assign tasks to a specific virtual assistant. The following tasks lead up to treatment:

  • gather patient information like patient medical history
  • produce reports of previous evaluation
  • provide continuous assessment of treatments over time

These usually consume time and interrupt the actual treatment process. Thereby, doctors can give more attention and time to their patients. It produces better results in diagnosis and appropriate treatment services. For this reason, the quality of service improves, and good reviews are boosted.

Virtual medical assistants help both the doctor and patient receive benefits in the best ways. When there are more recommendations and good reviews, more clients choose to receive care from attentive doctors.

The work quality of healthcare practitioners is enhanced because of VMAs. It liberates them from office duties that consume the most time, thereby scaling up their social standing and profile.

Both doctor and patient achieve a win-win situation. The doctor will be recognized and reliable to diagnose patients with utmost focus and effort while the patient receives appropriate treatment and becomes healthy.

Improved and Better Patient Experience

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Let the virtual medical assistant handle all your administrative tasks. It allows doctors to focus on treating patients only. There’s no more rushing back and forth and worrying about moving from one patient to another in an overly crowded clinic since it gives more attention and enough time to devise proper treatment plans.

Thus, Phoenix Virtual Solutions’ healthcare virtual staffing services serve to empower your patients and handle every task for every specific issue covering a wide scope of services in the healthcare industry.

When a patient is inside a crowded office, the environment makes them uncomfortable. They become conscious and are prone to clam up because other patients can overhear their health issues while in the queue. Patients having prolonged symptoms or syndromes need more clerical support.  Phoenix Virtual Staffing Services can optimize this support at all levels We ensure your privacy using data privacy technology and cloud communication tools such as RingCentral to enhance the doctor-patient experience while in a one-on-one interaction.

Hiring virtual assistants avoids overcrowding the clinics. Despite VMAs working remotely, they can conduct one-on-one conversations with the patients. It improves the patient’s experience and confidence to openly describe their concerns.

24/7 Accessibility of Information

The work schedule of virtual medical assistants is flexible depending on the healthcare professional’s needs. VMAs step up patient-doctor communication. When the patients’ queries don’t require appointments such as health issues and insurance details, a virtual medical assistant can answer their concerns 24/7. Patients can access all this information at any time.

Easy Physician

Doctors are not always available any time of the day when patients have questions. Virtual medical assistants bridge the communication gaps between doctors and patients. The following are queries VAs can address themselves and handle on their own:

  • questions related to appointments
  • cancellation of any scheduled appointments
  • information regarding some medication

This way, doctors can concentrate on treatment and avoid unnecessary distractions multiple times a day from menial things.

Doctors don’t have to call patients at any hour for them to know whether the patients’ status is improving or not during the diagnosis. They can ask the virtual assistant to extract necessary information. If the VA cannot answer or solve a critical query, they will contact another site and pass on relevant information.

More Power to Patients

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One of the benefits the virtual medical assistant is engaging in the healthcare industry is letting the patient have more control of the situation. You’ll never know when something causes stress to the patients. It could be an arising emergency or a slightly mild issue in the patient’s health if it isn’t an emergency. Answer these queries right away.

Also, make the patient’s information accessible 24/7. Employ your virtual medical assistant in patient-oriented healthcare virtual medical assistant services. This way, patients will no longer stress out about their minor complications.

Personalized Medical Advice

Virtual medical assistants also serve the patients any time they need their requirements. If a patient has those return or follow-up checkups, the VA will schedule each virtual appointment through phone or video calls. Once your VMA has medical training, the doctor doesn’t have to get involved in solving minor healthcare problems patients are experiencing.

Patients range from children to seniors aging 70 to 80 years old. They need the assistance of medical virtual assistants in ensuring they take their pills on time and in planning their meals. VAs must know the medical conditions of patients to provide the correct advice.

Optimization of Profits and Reduction in the Miscellaneous Costs

Since a doctor has a lot of responsibilities, dedication is also needed to deal with patients. Being a physician also requires knowledge of the incubation period of various diseases. You’ll have to analyze multiple morbidities and patients’ varying symptoms. Employing a virtual assistant to devote their time to work on your requirements will leverage your expertise.

When you hire an in-house employee, they’ll need a workspace at your premises and office equipment. You’ll pay for their salary, healthcare insurance, and taxes. These expectations do cost you financially. But with a  virtual medical assistant, you don’t need such physical logistics since they will be working from home.

Expansion in Your Office Layout with Good Flexibility

You don’t have to provide a space at the doctor’s office for your virtual assistants. Enhancing your office’s layout shows your willingness to find ways for your clinical expertise and expansion. Use these spaces for miscellaneous clinical practices and have the liberty to install pertinent instruments or equipment you need to scale your practice.

A highly-trained virtual assistant shines out with various skills. You can take advantage of this crucial part if you want flexibility in the workplace.

Organizational Productivity in Various Ways

When the virtual staff functions remotely, there is a significant reduction in various costs such as space and electricity. Thus, VAs must focus on their responsibilities and work on a level of optimum productivity.

A Lot Smoother Professional Journey Than Ever

In medical and healthcare professionals, the daily tasks include documenting any updates and managing prescriptions of all the patients. Don’t overlook this essential role for a medical facility and offshore outsourcing healthcare services to be successful.

Time for You to Find Your Toehold

A virtual assistant prevents any likelihood of deficits in the workplace, especially in establishing and managing a person’s work setup. A US-based virtual staffing company like Phoenix Virtual Solutions can assist you with everything from skills to required areas. Their Filipino virtual staff comes with HIPAA training and facilitates relevant tools to manage those areas. Involving a suitable virtual assistant allows doctors more free time to focus on business growth and their professional obligations as healthcare providers.

How to Humanize the Experience of the Virtual Medical Assistant?

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Create the First Impression

People make judgments toward others in just a few seconds. As we get older, we all tend to oppose something new. When employing a person with expertise, the first impression is knowing the extra effort it needs to execute those duties.

That’s why it’s essential to do your homework first before you meet someone new, whether it is a client or an employer. Know more about the person you’re meeting, the things they care about, and the purpose they might need from you. These pointers will vary and depend on the situation. But these should demonstrate your knowledge and your abilities to plan strategically enabling you to understand the entire virtual assistant business.

Construct Likely Engagement and Significant Connection

The way we interact and communicate with others is part of our lives. Yet when it comes to human connection, we sometimes replicate nuances. This deficiency is a big downside in providing the best quality of healthcare. And for this reason, healthcare providers and virtual assistants need to know how to empathize with their patients and strive hard to deliver the best healthcare staffing services possible for them. They should listen, understand, and comfort those patients to humanize their experiences.

Instill Confidence and Guarantee Security

Insecurity and concern are fundamentals of how a person feels. We are reluctant to uncertainties and prefer what we’re already familiar with. People, in general, are always hesitant about any type of loss and certain aspects of life they are struggling with.

Doctors must ensure that the practices based on evidence are the baseline for their prognosis, diagnosis, and coverings. Those who are suffering must feel assured from the experience knowing that their information will be kept confidential and their recommendations will heal them and not cause them harm.

Final Thoughts
The doctor-patient equation improves because of HIPAA-trained virtual medical assistants. While considering their requirements, healthcare professionals should consider hiring patient-oriented virtual assistants provided by a stringent screening process at Phoenix Virtual Solutions. We’re an offshoring outsourcing company based in the U.S. that provides all healthcare-related virtual services without the overhead of a long lease.

All our virtual medical assistants in the Philippines work efficiently and are skilled in using patient engagement tools such as video conferencing, virtual meetings through communication apps, and other services. The evident results of enhanced patient health and better patient care at lower costs reflect well on doctors and medical practitioners who enjoy working with pocket-friendly employees.

Want to know more about our services to improve your patient-doctor equation in your business? Contact us today to focus more on your patients!

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