How to Choose the Right Personal Virtual Assistant Services

Starting a business is challenging to a tipping point but in this age of technological conveniences, small scale entrepreneurs are no longer faced with unmanageable business risks. Dreadful that you might run unnecessary costs to your business? Worried over hiring personal virtual assistants not committed and loyal to your business goals? 

Then, let’s explore a number of personal virtual assistant services to ease your reluctance and fears. Get to know the best personal virtual assistant services this year and gather up the courage to dip your toes and experience their business benefits.

What is a Personal Virtual Assistant Service?

Skilled virtual assistants located overseas offer virtual assistant services to help business owners with various tasks that they would either do themselves or pay someone else to do. These tasks include, but are not limited to, providing technical support, answering emails, updating a website, or catering to customer service requests.

A virtual assistant service can go beyond basic administrative tasks with remote staff equipped with extensive skill sets to handle marketing campaigns and customer support, thereby saving business owners precious time and operating costs.

How Do Personal Virtual Assistant Services Work?

Personal virtual assistant services must always meet their client’s needs. The scope of their responsibilities should be set clear to enable efficient delegation of tasks. An account manager can appoint the right virtual assistant who is equipped with a specific skill set to carry out these assigned responsibilities. 

Clients can directly assign these tasks via emails, chat app, video calls and by phone. At the same time, price plans are dependent on the stated working hours that can be based on specific requests.

The primary focus of personal virtual assistant services is to offer clients a roster of professionals who are educated and well-trained in their field. Phoenix Virtual Solutions strives to provide you with top-notch virtual assistants located in the Philippines. Our virtual assistants work during US business hours remotely.

How Much Do Personal Virtual Assistant Services Cost?

Clients can avail of virtual assistant packages based on the extent of service requested. Services are usually paid in hours with a service price range between $9 to $25 per hour. The smallest package available is about 10 hours per month.

Packages with high prices add more hours and features like a backup virtual assistant or an account manager. A virtual assistant equipped with more advantageous skills outside of basic administrative functions may include an additional hourly rate.

Are Personal Virtual Assistant Services Worth the Cost?

Two things find small-scale business owners caught in between a rock and a hard place. The amount of redundant daily tasks that often distract them from their business and the lack of resources to hire full-time employees to handle work overflow.

A virtual assistant bridges that gap. With a reasonable hourly rate, an effective and efficient VA allows business owners more free time to concentrate on their business growth. Business owners who have large-scale companies prefer to hire virtual assistants than full-time salaried assistants.

How to Choose the Best Personal Virtual Assistant Services

  1. Research and Review. Research and go through a good number of personal virtual assistant services and review them with a keen understanding.. 
  2. Training and Educational Background. Ensure that providers you’ve chosen have well-trained and educated virtual healthcare assistants like Phoenix Virtual Solutions. Do not limit yourself and consider providers that are both in the US or overseas.
  3. Reliability. Put reliability into consideration. Security, project managers, supervision, and backup assistants are essential services. These services should be high on your list.
  4. Pricing Plans. Pricing plans that providers offer should not always be the first thing on your mind. Many service providers offer multiple pricing plans and affordable rates that gainfully match the needs of both small and large-scale businesses.

Best Personal Virtual Assistant Services of 2022

Time etc

Best Overall. The company’s 100% money-back guarantee earned its top spot. You can have your own virtual assistant equipped with specific skills at no extra cost, and have the ability to roll over any unused hours into the next month. 


Runner-Up, Best Overall. This India-based service company offers office-based skilled virtual assistants in a supervised environment. They also have flexible pricing plans with discounts, and a generous free trial.


Best for Highly Qualified Virtual Assistants. It provides virtual assistants that are college educated career professionals and based in the US. The company does not disclose price packages for their services on their website as clients are encouraged to request a full consultation. Belay assures their virtual assistants have proven experiences and provides additional support for their clients to help their business make the most of their remote workers.

Fancy Hands

Best for Short Tasks. Allows clients to request for services on recurring short tasks that can be answered in less than 24 hours. Clients that require a lot of back-and-forth tasks such as research, can get the best bang for their buck as their US-based virtual assistants come with affordable pricing plans.  


Best Service Guarantee.  Boasts of a 98.4% client-retention rate and promises to double your purchased hours while offering a lower hourly rate if you sign up for a longer time. Their virtual assistants are mostly based in the Philippines or India but are picked out from the top 1% of applicants. US-based VAs who are native English speakers can be availed at a higher price package. The company only hires applicants with college backgrounds with 10 or more years of expertise.


Best for Bilingual Virtual Assistants. This El Salvador-based service company specializes in fully bilingual English/Spanish college-graduate virtual assistants. Their VAs are also well-versed in US culture with the majority having either lived or studied in the US. All VAs work in supervised offices.


Best for Executives. This US-based service company focuses on executives, businesses, and entrepreneurs. They provide a team of administrative virtual assistants proficient in administrative tools as they work with clients to get their VAs trained on specific processes they require. All virtual assistants work in supervised office environments secured with desktop monitoring, IP restrictions, security cards and video monitoring

Final Thoughts

When choosing personal virtual assistant services, bear in mind that acquiring such services is meant to save your business time and money by allowing more productivity flow. Make every dollar count for the type of business you intend to grow. Stick with your budget and choose the best personal virtual assistant provider to meet your business needs.

Need help in choosing your personal virtual assistant healthcare services? Let Phoenix Virtual Solutions answer your worries. Contact us today to know our roster of virtual healthcare services. We are always happy to serve you!

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