How to Reward Your Filipino Healthcare Virtual Staff for Christmas

When you manage a business, a crucial part you must achieve is motivating your employees. Having a remote worker, you consider the distance of not seeing each other daily. You don’t know whether they are happy as working individuals in your company or not. That’s why you should maintain high work productivity in the company. 

But do you know how to motivate your virtual healthcare assistant? If not, we put together some motivational ideas for managing your Filipino healthcare virtual staff for this Christmas holiday. We also listed creative rewards and incentives to add value to your workers.

Ways to Motivate Your Virtual Assistant

Provide Overtime Pay

You are happy when your employees go beyond and above their capacities. Providing equal compensation to them indicates how much you care for their well-being. When they work on weekends, nightshift, or holidays, it is already beyond their scope of employment. 

Of course, these working hours are not convenient for that person. It takes away other personal things scheduled on those days. The best way is to understand and add a payment for going the extra mile.

Offer Paid Time Off

Our lives have many things we cannot all control. For example, you or a loved one gets sick, dealing with some personal issues, or a time out for vacation. We should not worry about monetary compensation. 

A good manager can recognize paid time off as a gesture to help your virtual assistant. Show your utmost care when a Filipino virtual assistant gets paid even if they are incapable of work yet. An incentive goes a long way when they do extra work.

Give Extra Benefits

When you provide benefits that your employee values, a healthy working relationship will last long for both of you. Look into benefits you can afford, and they can use immediately. Commitment and dedication are essential to boost their strength.

Rather than monetary awards, praising and recognizing their work is preferable. A good example is posting a blog post about their contributions. Another is keeping them engaged in business mentorship, training, and development, and every so often time off.

Let Them Know They are Part of a Team

Your employees should understand the impact of their work on the overall company goals. You can explain the results affecting the entire team and organization. When creating moments together, you can socialize with other remote employees and build a team atmosphere. We at Phoenix Virtual Solutions use Ring Central as a channel to communicate with each other and build rapport.

Facilitate Team Collaboration

An increase in performance and productivity happens if allotting more time to collaborate with other team members. Talents and strengths are different in every team member, so encourage one another to work together. Collaboration increases the virtual healthcare assistant’s commitment to the company, which is vital for business growth.

Praise Them for Doing a Great Job

You can enhance employees’ performance by recognizing a well-done job, which motivates them to perform better and commit to being proactive in achieving the company goals. Workers appreciate employers who give time to acknowledge their hard work. It would be best not to exclude your remote workers when praising employees for completing an excellent job. Tell your newly hired writers that you praise them for boosting the SEO rankings of your website. Show your appreciation to your virtual healthcare assistant for easing your workload. When you keep on motivating your employees by saying “thank you,” you will notice how they persevere doing superb work for you and your company.

Set Clear and Realistic Expectations

On the first day of work, you should set your expectations. For example, if you want to increase the followers’ count and engagement to 10%, tell your social media manager you like it to happen after 13 weeks. Even supposing the target goal does not happen, they in part made an effort. You can also start keeping track of everything. You also get to compare the progress of their work. These expectations push them forward to persevere and eventually meet your needs.

Give Training and Opportunities to Grow

When you show your care to your employees, the engagement strengthens more. You can do so if you provide training. Teaching them new things, procedures, and methods will make your employees appreciate how you spare your time for them. Once assigning tasks, you allow your employees to take care of them and finish them. These experiences will make your virtual healthcare staff more professional.

Provide Leadership Opportunities

You can let your employees show their abilities on how they can lead. An example is to assign a remote worker with marketing skills to manage the marketing aspects of an event. If you allow this kind of leadership opportunity, your employee will not just add experience to their resume but make them feel how much you trust them.

The 13th-Month Bonus

You receive this employee benefit at the end of each year. It is equivalent to an extra month’s salary and not automatically given. An employee is eligible if work is at least 3 to 6 months. This benefit is a good motivator for workers to achieve the following:

  • Refrain from absenteeism.
  • Reduce laziness during the holiday seasons.
  • Provide more money during the Christmas holidays.
  • Help the holiday economy.

How Can You Reward Your Virtual Staff This Christmas?

1. Travel Vouchers

As your virtual assistants spend more time on their work-from-home stations, recreation and timely vacation will enhance their motivation and provide the needed rest thru self-care. To avoid burnouts, you can choose any of these travel rewards:

  • Hotel Vouchers
  • Travel Coupons
  • Plane Tickets
  • Cruises
  • Travel Points

2. Tickets to Shows or Sporting Events

If your remote worker is a sports fan, a ticket to sports games will enhance their enthusiasm. Plus, you can bring your staff together if they like the same sports team. Likewise, this applies to show tickets by asking them their favorite types of shows and events. Some of these tickets include:

  • Season Tickets (Football, Hockey, or Baseball)
  • One-off Tickets to Big Games (Playoffs or Championships)
  • A Concert Experience
  • Backstage or VIP Tickets to a Specific Show

3. Team Trip or Night Out

You can set target goals to hit and reward with incentives to hit these goals. In exchange, the team’s stress will reduce and encourage workplace camaraderie. These incentives can be:

  • A “Daycation” at a Local Destination
  • Kayaking or Canoeing
  • A Mystery Dinner at a Location Only You Know About

4. Fine-Dining Experience

When you treat yourself to an expensive fancy dinner, it does not mean that you and your team cannot have this privilege. Eating delicious foods is our most basic desire and covers the fine-dining experience. If you found out a food enthusiast belongs to your team, you have options to use either this:

  • Restaurant Gift Card
  • Team Lunch

5. Tech Goodies

What makes tech goodies a wonderful thing to reward your remote workers is that you have many options you can pick. The list is never-ending. All you must do to make this gift-giving possible is to know the wish list of your employees. It includes the following goodies but is not limited to:

  • A Cash Voucher You Can Redeem a Gadget You Chose
  • A Virtual-Reality Headset
  • A Brand-New Laptop
  • Headphones with Noise Cancellation

6. Office Modifications or Additions

Your remote workers spend more of their hours sitting on their desks. If it continues, it will take its toll on their health.  Since your virtual assistant works at home at a different location, you can offer the following incentives to enhance their work setup. 

  • Ergonomic Office Chairs
  • Ergonomic Keyboards
  • Standing Desks
  • A Ring Light, Microphone, and Webcam for Virtual Calls

7. Membership to a Fitness Studio or Gym

Budgeting your classes for fitness is never easy. The prices of classes like yoga, cycling, and CrossFit, are high come to think of it. But the hormone endorphins give us the energy to sustain our work every day. It is the reason how effective the following memberships and classes are to an employee:

  • A 10-Time Punch Card to a Yoga Studio
  • A Membership to a Gym or Studio of Choice
  • Personal Training Sessions

8. Online Learning Courses

If you want to develop the skills of your remote workers, then online classes are a perfect gift to move your company up. The knowledge from learning these classes will also help your company excel in the future. So, ask your employees if they would like to enroll in these courses:

  • Language Classes
  • Painting Classes or Writing Courses
  • Full Courses for Professionals

9. Spa Treatments

Consider asking your virtual assistants or let them take a poll if they would like to spend a day relaxing at the spa and do the following self-care activities:

  • Pedicures or Manicures
  • Salon Appointments
  • Facials
  • Massages
  • Acupuncture 

10. More Paid Time Offs

Having additional paid time offs gives your Filipino virtual assistant a chance to spend quality time for their loved ones and have longer out-of-town trips. It can be:

  • Extra Vacation Days
  • Additional PTO Hours
  • More Paid Sick Days

11. Gift Cards

You can personalize this incentive. It depends on how your employees want to spend this reward. Identify the top performers in your team and give these gift cards to make them excited in using them:

  • A Visa or Mastercard Gift Card
  • A Stock Brokerage Card from Stockpile
  • A Streaming Services Gift Card to Give Access to Netflix and Spotify
  • A Book Gift Card
  • An Amazon Gift Card

12. Website or Newsletter Feature

It impacts their work when you recognize and validate your team members’ performances. You can go for the following ideas to thank them for their optimum work.

  • Highlight Achievements in the Company’s Newsletter
  • Display Successes on the Company’s Website

13. Donate to a Cause

When you give back to other people, it reflects your company’s good image and values. This can be achieved by holding a charity event with a foundation with a worthy cause.

14. Subscription Boxes

A well-planned surprise makes everyone happy. You can sign up your remote workers to these subscription boxes to let them feel how special they are to you and your company:

  • A Wine Subscription Box
  • A Book Subscription Box
  • A Clothing Subscription Box

15. Money

Cash is a financial incentive that rewards your virtual assistant. You can give a cash reward for their individualized performance apart from the team’s. Secure a compensation plan to reward your remote worker equally.

  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Salary Raises
  • Shares of Profits from Deals
  • Employee Stock Options

How Often Should You Give Raise?

A raise does not follow any rules, making it different from bonuses. One’s work performance determines if you could receive it every 6-12 months. To deal with it, show your potential virtual assistant the expected raises as soon as the hiring process starts. It includes the structure, expectations, and frequency of rewarding your remote workers. If you do this, you will both agree to try to achieve it. Concerns, if any, are addressed to refrain from making it a big issue in the future.

Final Thoughts
When you want your own business to grow, being a business owner means you must understand and value the needs of your remote workers. A simple act makes them happy and keeps them motivated, especially this Christmas holiday. In return, you also maintain a strong bond with them, and then, your company will prosper as it shows positive values and admirable human resource management.

We at Phoenix Virtual Solutions take care of our people. We show them how much we appreciate their work by providing rewards for optimum performance and productivity. Would you like to have a high performing virtual assistant who adds value to your business? Feel free to contact us anytime to help you get the best virtual partner for your practice.

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