How Work-at-Home Moms Can Balance Outsourcing Job and Family Life

Working mothers experience stress and fear that come from many sources. A common example is the failure to balance their outsourcing job and family life. Like most people, both roles are hard to fulfill and manage. You can’t refrain from giving more priority over the other.

These days people would prefer to work from home now, especially after the pandemic because it comes with many benefits and convenience perks. Working moms are free to bring along their work while spending more quality time with their loved ones.

Despite this freedom and flexibility, working at home is still challenging because of distractions that could hinder their focus on work. Lack of motivation is hard to deal with if it involves working and living in the same space.

On-site employees usually do the following:

  • log into their 9 am to 5 am shift
  • avoid skipping meals
  • prepare themselves before facing the computer

These common strategies fuel them for working mode and lead them to carry on with their tasks effectively. Although these do solve the problem they don’t completely stop the distractions.

How to Work Effectively in Your Work-From-Home Outsourcing Job

Negative effects show in your productivity even if you don’t put much effort into setting up your schedule, planning daily activities for your kids, and interacting with others. Isolation is part of the reality of home-based work. Being mindful and ready is the best-kept secret working moms and entrepreneurs do to maintain the balance of their responsibilities.

To guide you further and achieve the work-life balance while at home, here are steps to bear in mind:

  1. Set a Clear To-Do List for a Day or Week

A factor essential in achieving an excellent level of your productivity is planning. Even if you’re a virtual assistant or an entrepreneur, be clear on your needs to work at home. This is true especially when you’re a working parent that has children who may constantly distract you. You have to aim at staying focused to get things done fast while ensuring a level of quality is maintained in every task.

  1. Set a Plan to Handle Interruptions Like a Pro

The corporate world has various interruptions related to work. Meanwhile, doing a different approach to working from home is important in handling interruptions like house chores and your kids. You need to give immediate attention to managing those things because they will likely become chaotic later on.

  1. Be Prepared to Manage Distractions

Different forms of distractions that interrupt your work focus include emails, mobile games, and social media. The cause isn’t because of another person inside your home which can be a different challenge. This mainly has to do more with learning to deal with and manage yourself.

Outsmarting yourself is your wise move. To do so, stick to browser windows that you’re working with and close unnecessary tabs. Put your mobile gadget away from you so you won’t be tempted to reach for it. Wait for your scheduled break to use it. Trust this, it helps!

  1. Formulate Techniques and Procedures to Save Time From Other Things

A good example is a home-based job involving hotline calls or different accounts to log in. Scanning through your manual list consumes your time. Instead of doing this, make use of free project management tools like Trello or Basecamp, which are available on the web. Instead of calling the individual mobile numbers of each team member, use global cloud communications tools such as RingCentral for seamless collaboration.

Make things easier with these programs designed for your convenience.

You can save all the information you want to manage. Some come with integrations to plan and have reminders of your pending to-dos.

  1. Keep the Fun, Have a Balanced Schedule

It’s not good to deprive yourself of other things or ignore your kids if being productive is what you want from your work. You will end up dissuading yourself from working any further. Keeping your balance is the best possible way not to drown yourself in all your tasks. Allot time for your exercise, kids, and meals. Visiting the nearest gym or going to the park is not necessary to get some much-needed physical fitness routine going. Tag and drag your toddler as you do curl-ups on your couch, do baby power lifts, or rough house with your toddler. All you need is a little fun and unwinding.

Final Thoughts

A lot of working moms find working from home a blessing when the approach to managing it is done the right way. This holds especially true if they are working as medical virtual assistants with Phoenix Virtual Solutions. Our offshore outsourcing company creates clear and meaningful boundaries between work and family Contact us today to help you as a work-at-home mom recognize the things you should do to maintain that perfect balance.

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