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Is Outsourcing Virtual Admin Assistant the Solution to “The Great Resignation”?

According to an article from BBC, “Since the pandemic, employees are leaving the workforce or switching jobs in droves, for many, employers have played a big part in why they’re walking away.” The majority of the population now have opted to find a work-from-home stable job like a Virtual Admin Assistant.

People’s priorities have shifted dramatically as a result of the epidemic. The objectives have shifted, so has the viewpoint. Because of this global phenomenon, everybody has prioritized the safety of their working environment and if their employers care enough about them to deserve their retention. So having a stable and safe work environment Outsourcing Virtual Admin has been one of the few top choices in the career choice shift.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions seeks to create a consistent source of income for the Filipino workforce by encouraging permanent work from home since we believe in our people’s limitless potential and exceptional skills. There should be no difficulty in locating the ideal individual for your position since Phoenix will ensure that we provide you with the right Virtual Admin Assistant for your business.

You might wonder why this is all happening. There could be several reasons only these employees know but one thing is for sure, many Americans began working from home last year due to the pandemic, and now that they’ve experienced the improved quality of life that remote work entails, they’re hesitant to return to the monotony of a desk job and be worried again about how to get to work safely given that in this new normal even if we are already starting to get used to these health protocols, we’ll never really know how safe it is outside compared to the comfort of our own homes. There’s also no doubt that the increasing shift of political and social ideas intensified by the epidemic may lead to anxiety when it comes to working face-to-face with coworkers again.

While we do respect the decisions of the workers, Phoenix Virtual Solutions wants to provide both employees and employers a platform where people looking for a job can work freely at the comforts of their homes and on the other hand employers who are open to offering jobs and are flexible enough to work with their team virtually. Your employment needs will be regulated by PVS depending on your needs. When collaborating with Phoenix Virtual Solutions, bear in mind that we are always open to new learnings and opportunities for your workforce.

Outsourcing a Virtual Admin is a great way to pilot your virtual workforce. Don’t let “The Great Resignation” affect your service delivery to clients. Find the best solution for these obstacles and work your way to the top to provide consistent task delivery without making your employees feel fiddling. Our Virtual Admin Assistants are HIPAA Certified to ensure a thorough understanding of confidentiality and accuracy in this job. Providing you with an unrivaled success rate and service provision while ensuring that your Virtual Admins’ time is used wisely and productive outputs are obtained with less monitoring.

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