Light Some Fireworks And Celebrate Independence

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Who doesn’t like freedom? Of course, we all do, in this recent generation freedom now comes in all shapes and sizes. So many things have been realized and people’s awareness of social differences has been a voice and key to equality and freedom.

There are contrasts in terms of how people take this “woke culture” but to us, we see it as an opportunity to grow and to learn more about others. There have been so many differences that tore humanity apart and in this era, as a Company, we want to do our part by being more open and understanding to these differences and focus more on how we can achieve harmony, equality, and liberty. So much of the ordinary has been shifted to cater to the new demands of the society, the consumers, and most especially that one thing that we never expected to experience in this lifetime, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Freedom isn’t only limited to the customers but to workers as well. Come 2020, we all faced challenges we’ve never experienced before, everyone was forced to cope up with the transition and adapt to the changes in demand in the corporate world.

Work from home has been introduced vastly last year, although this has existed forever. Last year was the boom of working from home and people found comfort by doing so because we felt safer and closer to our loved ones. 

Being able to choose where we are comfortable already entails how much freedom and flexibility we got in this day and age. Over the years we have learned that by giving your employees the comfort they deserve, in return they will also excel in doing their job.

The 4th of July is a reminder of the freedom and independence that once they fought so hard for can be felt by this generation.

When 2020 started we thought it would be so difficult to transition staff who worked in offices to work from their own homes like Outsourcing Customer Service and one of the most challenging parts is encountering internet issues that affected daily productivity and efficiency. Little did they know, there are companies already open to serve startups and big businesses to provide them with well-equipped staff who have undergone proper training and are 100% ready to serve.

outsourcing customer service

Phoenix Virtual Solutions, a premier Outsourcing Customer Service provider wants to give a hand to companies who need assistance in their daily tasks, to make companies functional even when we are all just communicating virtually. It is with great pleasure that we have all the capabilities to handle any administrative tasks as well as Outsourcing Customer Service and while we assist you in shaping your company, you on the other hand support the hard-working work from home employees who are happy to be working with freedom but give brazen performance when handed responsibilities.

May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” – Peter Marshall 

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