How Does Outsourcing Maximize Your Productivity?

It is our goal to guarantee you get paid for the services you have rendered without the hassle.

Being in the healthcare industry doesn’t only mean treating your patients when they are sick but also providing them convenience by having organized business operations. One of the most essential parts of one’s practice is the medical billing and collection. Let us make the stress of payment into something convenient and conventional.

Top Common Responsibilities of Medical Billing and Collection Services Department

  • Reviewing audit and data entry of medical bills to process payment
  • Ensuring patient’s data are logged with accuracy on electronic records
  • Check documents needed for medical billing for accuracy
  • Check authenticity of authorizations
  • Check eligibility for the services and the treatments for patients
  • Analyzing patient’s records
  • Process insurance claims for patients
  • Maintain a tracker for better organization of records
  • Remind patients for incoming and late payments 

Any medical team would need a good practitioner, customer service and of course the backbone of all the operations, the back office responsible for medical billing and collection. For you to have more time to focus on your practice and your patients, outsource the rest of the administrative tasks for more efficiency. 

medical billing and collection services

There are already a lot of businesses considering outsourcing because of how much it helps in streamlining operations. By hiring experts like Phoenix Virtual Solutions we are saving your time by having only skilled and experienced staff to work with you.

Medical billing and collection services is a task that requires proficiency and accuracy. Handling patient’s records and making sure they are correct and accurate needs a person who is keen to details to make sure each patient gets correct treatment and medicine. While the Physician is already an expert on their task they cannot handle all these tasks on their own, they need people who can support them as they perfect their practice. 

In what way can Phoenix Virtual Solutions offer a hand?

Before having our staff onboard with our clients we always make sure that they are equipped to embark on being the medical billing and collection services

And best medical billing for the Physicians where they can be of service to them and especially to the people. Having a responsibility like this is a serious task because each information is vital for the business and for the health of the patients. 

All the members of the healthcare community are already so exhausted especially in this time of pandemic and we will always be thankful for their service. We in Phoenix Virtual Solutions want to lend a helping hand by being a tool for them to have more control over their time. We will be handling all the clerical and electronic works and any other tasks needed just for them to have a fast and systematic practice. We are not only limited to the common tasks needed for medical billers and collectors because here in Phoenix Virtual Solutions are always willing to learn and hop on new challenges just to make sure we give the best service to our clients. 

We are not only helping our Physicians and patients but also helping Offshore Filipino Workers grasp more knowledge while working remotely. We are not limiting ourselves because we are only working remotely. There are an endless range of possible services we can offer for your practice. Please do not hesitate to let us know what you need and we will be more willing to help and assist you in making healthcare experience for your patients superior than others.

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