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High Demand but Low Supply for Workers: Outsource Virtual Assistant Solution

Outsource Virtual Assistants

According to the article “One year after carnage, the strongest labor market on record”, in the Morning Brief with Myles Udland and Sam Ro, there is a soaring demand for workers like Outsource Virtual Assistants, but the supply of labor is not there.

Possible reason for this is that Americans without job could be contented with the government welfare and support given to them instead of applying for a job.

The solution to this imbalance, in labor demand and supply is to Outsource Virtual Assistants and with this challenge Phoenix Virtual Solutions is the solution.

This summers’ job demands could be very high as there are few applicants looking for a job these days.

The report said that although there were big gains when it comes to job gains in April, it is estimated that the nonfarm payrolls increased by 995,000 last month based on latest Bloomberg data.

Also, published data of the Institute for Supply Management and IHS Markit regarding the services sector showed that the labor landscape in the US is challenged by a high demand for workers but the there is not enough labor supply.

According to Chris Williamson, chief business economist at IHS Markit, due to the successful vaccine rollout in the US, the economy’s reopening, accommodating monetary policy and injection of new fiscal stimulus, the business sector is reporting the highest demand in at least a decade. Williamson added that this high labor demand resulted in the strongest times for job creation as business hopes that there will be better times ahead on this work demand and supply imbalance.

As the country’s business scenario shows a high demand for workers but low in job applications, Phoenix Virtual Solutions with its excellent healthcare outsourcing services is the solution. We have a wide array of virtual assistants for doctors and healthcare professionals like virtual medical receptionist, customer service for healthcare professionals, medical billing and collections specialist, accounting for healthcare services, healthcare data entry specialist and other back-office outsourcing service needs.

Thus, let your business rise-up to this challenge in labor supply through healthcare outsourcing services founded by US healthcare executives with 100 years of combined healthcare experience behind Phoenix Virtual Solutions. Let Phoenix outsource virtual assistant’s fill-up all you healthcare job demand and save labor costs through back-office outsourcing in the Philippines and have more quality time with your family while optimizing the growth and cost-efficiency of your business.

High Demand but Low Supply for Workers? Let Phoenix help during these days with our Outsource Virtual Assistants Solution!

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