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Is Inflation Rate On The Rise When Outsourcing Virtual Assistant Services?

We don’t build a business only for the sake of profit but there should also be a goal and a vision of how your services or products can benefit others or how they could help your consumers or clients get their money’s worth. With Phoenix Virtual Solutions, let us talk about how we can lay out plans for our consumers despite the price fluctuations as well as the Inflation Rate we face today when outsourcing virtual assistant services.


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We cannot deny the fact that there is no way of escaping rising prices for these are just beyond our control, but we can always find ways on how to make things work regardless of the increase in daily expenses. Inflation affects businesses of all kinds and everyone in the society, especially workers who weren’t given any increase in salary but now have to face the increase in prices of their daily needs. One of the key reasons is that the global market hasn’t fully recovered yet from the effects of COVID-19.

According to The Wall Street Journal (, U.S inflation is highest in 13 years as prices surge to 5%.

When there are changes in the inflation rate, the healthcare industry is one of the industries that is majorly affected, which is why we always state the fact of how crucial it is to get a medical billing and collection specialist in your practice. These changes, even when it is beyond our control, can make or break your business. Price increase or any changes usually cause rage to our clients but of course, we can prevent that from happening if we have a good back office or medical billers. By keeping your clients informed and up-to-date with current events, they will understand more about it and realize that we are all facing the same challenges as we speak.

Medical billing and collections specialists, customer service outsourcing, back office outsourcing services, or virtual healthcare assistants, in general, can all work hand-in-hand to improve the services that you provide to your clients and to further improve the quality of life of the physician. Do not let the rise of inflation affect what you already have. Instead, help your clients understand and assist them when they need help and updates. 

The health insurance premium is widely affected by this phenomenon which also means that now is the right time to consider top-of-the-line outsourcing virtual assistant services to be sure not to miss out on important matters that you should know. Get more from your money’s worth by investing in an experienced back office process outsourcing, just as how your client invests in your service. 

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Phoenix Virtual Solutions will help you save in costs while we deal with this global inflation and no matter how high this inflation gets, the services we provide will always be steadfast and systematic with the help of our A-list staff from the wide variety of services that we offer. These outsourcing virtual assistant services are made of Virtual Healthcare Professionals in different fields such as medical billing and collection, accounting and bookkeeping, customer service, etc. We have broadened the scope of services to offer because it is our responsibility to be a match for the spike in demand due to the never-ending changes and challenges we encounter day by day. 

“If inflation Rate were to move up in ways that are unwelcome, we have the tools for that, and we will use them. No one should doubt that.” – Jerome Powell

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