the solution to great resignation of 2021–outsource virtual assistant

The Solution to Great Resignation of 2021 Outsource Virtual Assistant

the solution to great resignation of 2021–outsource virtual assistant

There is a trending movement on Tiktok and Reddit called “The Great Resignation of 2021″ as shown in the article on entitled “What is the Great Resignation of 2021? (If you don’t know, you’ll want to read this)”.

It talks about the trending shift of the US labor force to “work from home” or remote jobs as shown in the growing movement urging people to quit their jobs this fall. This outlook seems to pose greater challenges to businesses already having a hard time enticing workers to go back to the office. It is a challenging labor situation in the US but the global shift to Outsource Virtual Assistant services could address this lack of onsite workers. 

The increased interest in earning income through social media seems to cause this work resignation phenomenon. According to the global employment website Monster, 95 percent of employees are considering shifting jobs. This will add to the 4 million employees who already followed through and quit their jobs last April.

The US labor market is facing an uncertain situation as federal policies during the pandemic result in the most severe economic reduction in the US history. It is just ironic that although millions lost their jobs and are unemployed, businesses are still having a hard time filling in vacant positions.

This is expected to get worse as according to, company owners will have to cope with “The Great Resignation” as millions of workers quit their jobs. 

This impending mass resignation is believed to be caused by the huge number of the population that shifted to working from home during the pandemic. Also, other workers develop a new interest in remote jobs that gives them more time to spend with their families. 

This Great Resignation can also be attributed to the increased federal government unemployment benefits to workers that made them choose to leave work and stay home or work less instead. 

According to the US Labor Department, there are around 9.3 million job openings but lacks interested applicants. This could mean employers compete for the best employees by offering the best incentives, better work arrangements, and quality of life.

This lack of workers could result to supply shortages of goods and services which can trigger a spike in prices.

Back office business process outsourcing companies though like Phoenix Virtual Solutions could save the US economy after all as Outsource Virtual Assistant will not only bridge the gap in employment but will also provide companies around 60% savings in labor costs while providing both employers and employees the much-needed work-life balance.

The dire labor outlook could change after all as companies like Phoenix Virtual Solutions ( solve the Great Resignation of 2021 by having the Great Shift to Outsource Virtual Assistant!

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