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Top Three Reasons To Hire A Filipino Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can be a great asset to any business, whether taking direct calls, managing schedules, or handling back office tasks. Here are the top three reasons why hiring a Filipino virtual assistant may be the right decision for you and your company:

1. You save on overhead costs.

Virtual assistants don’t commute to work, spend on machinery and assorted stationery, or need extra sanitation staff, which saves time, energy, and resources that would otherwise hurt profits.

A Filipino virtual assistant can lower costs even further, with the current exchange rates giving them greater flexibility within a tighter budget. Even when taking into account the material that needs to be bought no matter the location of the workplace, the cost of materials in the Philippines will generally be more affordable.

2. You’ll cover more night hours.

A virtual assistant can come from any timezone, and thus cover hours that would be unappealing or impractical for a secretary in a physical office. 

As the day in the Philippines is night in the US, you can be certain that a Filipino virtual assistant will have no problem taking late-night business calls and logging them appropriately when you need to review them the next day.

Filipino Virtual Assistants

3. They’re efficient workers.

A recent study shows that work-from-home virtual assistants get more work done in less time with better quality due to a combination of factors such as lowered stress, higher energy, and better overall health.

Filipino virtual assistants have an extra edge: Coming from outside the US means they can also generate a number of solutions, ideas, and perspectives that other workers might miss just by way of cultural differences.

As you can see, a diverse workforce is a strong and capable workforce, and Phoenix Virtual Solutions may be what you need to provide just that. If you’re interested in any of the above, contact us today.

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