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Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence: The Real Challenge in Automation

Virtual Assistant Services and Artificial Intelligence Over Human Intelligence?

Google, Siri and Alexa, the powerful A.I.s that took the world by storm. Anyone familiar with the latest technology surely knows who these names are. Yes, they make our lives easier and faster because they function as our own Virtual Assistant Services provider in our day to day lives. And they have grown their popularity because of how they emulate human interaction. However, these bots can only do so much. As the famous writer once said,

“Everything has its limits, iron ore cannot be educated into gold” 

Mark Twain

No matter how people loved the idea of actually having a conversation with a robot who can answer some basic questions, this experience can never be paralleled by real human interaction made more special by the unique personality, emotions and virtues innate in every person. This human advantage is more evident when it comes to calls, Virtual Assistant Services, customer service, email replies, and other multi-media platforms. How many times have you dreaded being answered by an answering machine and never getting things resolved because the computer or the automation system doesn’t have what you were looking for?

Technology has made its way to make almost everything automated with the aim to have things done faster and to multi-task.There are machines big and small to match the supply and demand of the consumers. We cannot deny the fact of how much convenience this gives us in this modern world. But one thing is for sure that cannot be matched by automation, it is the warmly persuasive aftersales we provide to the consumers to sustain and develop the business.

By having a dedicated team for customer service you are secured in granting your customers the after sales service they are worthy of. We should always be indebted with the support our clients give us and it is just right to pay them back by showing our appreciation through good customer service to make sure they become a returning client and promote the business through word of mouth. 

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Is outsourcing customer service really efficient? Handling customer service can be really time consuming which makes it advantageous to give this vital responsibility to customer service experts who were trained to handle customer comments and suggestions, and have the experience of working with various companies as customer service providers.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions with expertise in Virtual Assistant Services Invests in hiring well experienced patient support services specialists  with strong experience in the field. We want to make sure to provide the best for our clients and to see to it that their customers get to experience hands-on business to client transactions and professional yet engaging conversations. 

As a growing business like Phoenix Virtual Solutions, we can always find other aspects in the business where we can save on expenses but we will not compromise a vital aspect of your business operations that is the quality of your customer service experience. Always keep in mind that no matter what your products and services are, the foundation of success of your business will be your customers’ well being and feedback.

Yes, automation and artificial intelligence have been very helpful in this ever evolving digital world but these bots can never function effectively and efficiently without the help of human intelligence who created them and set up these bots to function for each specific user. Also, no matter how powerful a machine is, there will always be a human mind and body working behind it to maximize its productivity and output. The intelligence and compassion of a human mind can never be duplicated or  imitated. That is why, even with today’s advancement in technology, the miracle of humanity’s individuality and ingenuity and mankind’s unique ability to evolve and adapt, like a Phoenix, still remain the key to Rise towards success and greatness. 

We will leave you with something to ponder with:

“Human interaction is the key force in overcoming resistance and speeding change” Atul Gawande

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