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U.S. Can’t Find Enough Workers Why Not Consider Phoenix Virtual Staff?

Stumbled upon an article from MarketWatch about companies not finding enough qualified workers for their job vacancies. Can this really be a problem we face today?

In Phoenix Virtual Solutions, we specialize in outsourcing virtual assistants and providing companies who need first rate manpower but don’t have a dedicated department for recruitment and hiring.

With Phoenix, we will make sure to give you access to a workforce who are HIPAA compliant and have met the stringent criteria of being a virtual healthcare assistant of Phoenix Virtual Solutions.

During these trying times it is understood that not everyone is comfortable with going back to the old in-person work setup which is why working remotely has become increasingly common currently.

With Phoenix Virtual Solutions, we can help companies move forward by working closely together with our clients in reaching a common goal

Our mission is to familiarize the new generation with endless possibilities of having a digital workforce and to promote the benefits there are between both our clients and our virtual assistants.

One of the main reasons why people opt to shy away from hiring virtually is having a hard time trusting somebody you haven’t even met personally to work for you.

By choosing to work with Phoenix Virtual Solutions, you are assured that your virtual assistants have passed the excellent standards of Phoenix who are in the healthcare business for a combined 75 years of experience

Our hires go through a series of excessive training sessions before being sent to work with our clients. This is to make sure that we not only provide good customer service but also to  give you first-rate Virtual Healthcare Assistant. 

Outsourcing Virtual Assistants from the Philippines wouldn’t be sought-after as the country remains as one of the top offshore providers in the world if they weren’t known for their excellent performances and world class customer service.

For a huge range of viable tasks to be outsourced, Phoenix will continue to expand the scope of these activities so that we can serve a wider range of clients than we currently do.

Moreover, with Phoenix, we take care of our employees by providing them with the best benefits we can offer

This way, our clients wouldn’t be liable for providing it to them. Let us solve the problem of the slowdown in hiring rate because of not finding the right candidate due to encountering unqualified applicants.

With Phoenix we will help build the career growth of our employees and our clients as well while optimizing cost efficiency and maximizing productivity by making sure all Phoenix Virtual Staff are already well trained and ready for onboarding.

In this manner we help our staff grow and learn while on the other hand, we save our client’s time of searching for the perfect candidate for their posting. We can custom fit the specific tasks demanded by our clients for a profitable business that is adaptive to the challenges of the times.

By outsourcing your administrative tasks or medical billing and collection more time will be available to you so you can solely focus on the core competencies in growing your business and widening your network.

Allow us to walk with you through the way so we can support that growth by making sure your clients or your patients are getting all the services and attention they deserve

Because without them our business would never reach its full potential. Phoenix Virtual Solutions proudly presents our virtual assistants who are ready to conquer the undertaking while working at the comfort of their homes.

Can’t find enough workers in the US? Let Phoenix provide you with our virtual staff and let us be your partner in realizing the unlimited potential of the new virtual and digital environment. Contact us today

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