Ever Thought of Hiring a Virtual Healthcare Assistant?

The Virtual Healthcare Assistant from Phoenix is the best fit for your business. Being in the healthcare industry is a very noble and fulfilling job. Nothing beats the feeling of happiness and satisfaction when you know you’ve contributed to making a person’s quality of life better. It is this main sentiment that makes all those endless duty hours and sleepless nights all worthwhile.

But as much as you want to focus on doing this for your patients, there are realities of one’s duty as a healthcare practitioner. Among these are the administrative tasks which admittedly take up a colossal part of your time. From keeping track of appointments, doing data entry of patients, and keeping tabs of their history and progress in your database, you can only do so much! 

So wouldn’t it just be a saving grace to have a virtual healthcare assistant take care of this for you?

That’s where we, at Phoenix Virtual Solutions, enter the picture… or dare we say, be your partner in searching for the ideal HVA who can cater to your needed services. 

So how do we do this exactly? We pretty much follow a 3-step simple and direct approach. 

First up, tell us what you need. What are the exact virtual assistant tasks you want to be performed? From the recruitment process, patient data management, insurance billing and collection, marketing, and IT support to revenue management, we have a string of adept healthcare professionals to provide such services. 

Second, we provide the right staff. In our selection process, we follow a stringent screening to ensure that the staff we hire has the right qualification and background to perform your virtual assistant tasks correctly and competently. 

Finally, you can start to streamline your process. With your HVA onboard, you can now have a simpler workflow that focuses on tasks that need more of your attention and priority. See a rise in the level of your energy and efficiency as you spend less time doing administrative work and have more time to see patients. 

And that’s pretty much how we can help build your team of HVAs that can optimize and transform your entire workflow; thereby making it simpler, direct and more focused. You not only save time, effort, and finances, but you also get to do what matters most in the medical line of duty – providing quality healthcare services to those in need. 

Just as you take care of your patients, it is our hope that you allow us to take care of you. If you’re ready to hire our virtual healthcare assistants, book a call so we can get started in customizing a solution for you!

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