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Employment Update | More Demand Than Supply

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It might sound shocking for some that there is more demand than supply of job applicants now than there were pre-pandemic. We know a number of individuals having a hard time finding a job, yet we get to hear and read news like this. “Is this really a problem of having unqualified applicants or are employers simply aren’t sure where to look?”

Phoenix Virtual Solutions wants to be part of the solution by being a medium for employment in this virtual corporate world where we can be an instrument for success to both the employer and the applicants. The surge of business in the virtual world means there will be more opportunities to hire or be hired. Always remember that we will only grow in any industry if we learn and adapt to change.

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By promoting permanent work from home, Phoenix Virtual Solutions aims to provide a reliable source of income for the Filipino workforce because we believe in the endless capabilities and incomparable talent of our people. There should be no problem in finding the perfect candidate for your job post because Phoenix will see to it that we can offer you the exact employee you are looking for.

If you hire from Phoenix Virtual Solutions, you are not only helping a family put food on the table but also supporting a dream of being an independent and permanent work-from-home individual. All these noble acts are done while your business and also your family benefit from it through significant savings in labor costs while having a work-life balance as our excellent virtual healthcare assistants take care of your work support needs.

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Finding the right candidate for a job can surely be a challenge. The number of hours you spend on job posting, interviews, and screening only to end up declining these applications because they did not meet your expectations and qualifications. In business, time is more than gold, any amount of wasted moment could be equivalent to wasted revenue.

Virtual Healthcare Assistant from Phoenix Virtual Solutions

Phoenix Virtual Solutions wants to provide you with first-rate employment opportunities. By always making sure to give our virtual healthcare assistants adequate training, the right certifications, and a complete set of qualifications to make them competent and ready for onboarding.

No time should be wasted by having your own hiring and recruitment with no return. Leave it to us and let us know what type of employees you are looking for and what qualifications you need. It is Phoenix Virtual Solutions’ great pleasure to help you in this pursuit because we all deserve comfort and ease during these trying times. Allow us to be a source of solace for you throughout this difficult period of finding qualified applicants for your job opening. 

We make our Phoenix Virtual Staff feel more valued by making sure to provide them with the best benefits we can offer. Giving them the benefits of regular in-house office employees yet allowing them to work at the comforts of their own homes. 

By having a stringent and intensive hiring process, we make sure to only hire the right person for the right position but also make sure that they have room to grow and to improve while working with us. In Phoenix, prioritizing work-life balance and listening to the employees’ comments and suggestions while providing quality management and supervision is also our top priority. We will always be all ears, as we are also growing and learning every day together with our employees and our clients as well. 

Choose Phoenix Virtual Solutions in building your virtual workforce. As the world starts to open up again and as the dream to live the life post-pandemic will come to reality, employment will surely double in numbers compared to what it is today. We will be certain that our company will give you access to quality manpower who will be with you in supporting you as your business and your network grows. Don’t hesitate to talk to us, we are ready to custom fit our offer to match what you need.

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