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Recreating Work Structure to Fit the Future

Discover the possibility of building a hybrid work arrangement and decide if this setup is here to stay. The answer to the fluid future.

Like how liquid adapts the shape of its container, should also be like businesses adapting to the unforeseeable changes of the future. Yes, there is always uncertainty in the future but by being informed and transparent the fate of your business can be redefined. 

Is going back to the office feasible? Are we financially ready for our employees’ safety?

Because of the pandemic’s safety protocols, there will be more steps and requirements employers and employees need to follow before being able to  come to the workplace safely. But the risk of contracting the virus will always be high no matter how strictly we follow these protocols since some of us will have to commute to get to work and all other factors that could compromise the safety of the employees in the office. 

Hence, the hybrid work arrangement. 

There are some roles and responsibilities that cannot be brought home and we have to leave these at work because these roles are also the backbone of the company supporting the company’s security and access. However, a majority of other position’s tasks can be comfortably completed anywhere as long as the employee is connected to the internet. This way we are not crowding the workplace since only a few number of employees can enter the office and implementing safety protocols would be much easier with less people if the need of contact tracing arises.

We at Phoenix Virtual Solutions value the safety of our staff by providing regular employment with permanent work-from-home setup to our employees. 

We are confident that we are not only providing flexible work to our employees but also being a tool for other companies who need to create a reliable and stable virtual department. The range of tasks virtual assistants from Phoenix Virtual Solutions can  offer is capable of building a specific department of a company. You name it and we are willing to customize and train our staff to make them equipped with whatever tasks you need covered.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions brings you a broad spectrum of jobs available with virtual assistants who have undergone rigorous training and who are HIPAA compliant. 

We want not only the best for our clients but also the best for our employees. We make sure that even if we don’t see each other face to face, our clients can confidently trust Phoenix Virtual Solutions. There will be proper security measures and encryption to secure each of our client’s confidential information.

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Will outsourcing work from home virtual healthcare assistants take its toll on my practice?

The simple answer is no. Phoenix Virtual Solutions has been in the BPO industry for multiple years supporting Physicians and Medical related companies even before the pandemic. During these years of striving for excellence, Phoenix Virtual Solutions has always exceeded its client’s expectations. For that reason, we are overly confident of the skillful virtual healthcare assistants we have. 

Employment is a give-and-take process, if you expect the best from your employees, you have to give them the best as well.

No amount of salary can equal the way you treat your staff. Phoenix Virtual Staff values the retention and loyalty of our employees. This is why we make sure to always provide them breathability where they can work anywhere they feel comfortable as long as they finish all their deliverables. By having quality and loyalty from our employees, we are sure that we are providing our clients with the best virtual healthcare assistants there is in the market.

Do not burden yourself with worrying 100% of your employees and focus only on those who work onsite who are having close contact with each other. Phoenix Virtual Staff will take care of your digital workplace. We will be providing the right benefits for our Virtual Assistants to help them through this pandemic while they work with you and support you in sustaining your business.

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