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Virtual Staff Meeting Ideas to Help Empower Women Digitally

Many companies have digital-focused cultural drivers that aid in women’s empowerment and advancement. These drivers create focused space, improve employee experience, and open more opportunities for women and men. Find out what makes women different in attracting and retaining talent.

What are the Four Digital-Focused Cultural Drivers for Women?

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1. Understand Virtual/Remote Working and Its Practice

Some industries still find remote work a bit perplexing because of the elements of flexibility and luxury of work hours spent outside of a controlled workspace being that traditional office practice enables constant employee monitoring. Companies that have yet to discover remote management tools and apps are in for a pleasant surprise after dipping their toes into information management technology. According to research, technology allows more progress in women’s careers. They are able to log on remotely through time-tracking and productivity tools like Time Doctor and keep communication lines open 24/7 using cloud communication software such as Ring Central.

At Phoenix Virtual Solutions, our women healthcare virtual staff are on the fast track and balance their commitments using up-to-date management technology. More than 80 percent of women on a leadership track enjoy flexible work schedules that allow them more control over their working hours and workplace.

2. Empower Virtual Staff With Relevant Skills Training

When your company applies this to your team of virtual employees, expect women to thrive in the remote environment you created.  Research says that over half of working women prefer and make the most of provided remote training by their company. A good example to consider is consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble. P&G practices diversity and equality in hiring its employees. They encourage all employees to take relevant skills training and achieve their career peaks leading their industry to build their brand, innovate and transform smoothly to digital information.

Business leaders can create this empowering culture by having programs that represent women equally at every level and capacitate every in-house employee and virtual staff by equipping their skills and experiences.

3. Use Virtual Staff Meeting Ideas to Avoid Employees Travelling Overseas or at Long Distances

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Managing your life while juggling work and travel is not always easy no matter what your status in life is. At home, the woman’s role as a caretaker is essential yet still won’t matter. But if your company provides a virtual option to attend town hall meetings and relevant skills training, your virtual staff will feel more engaged and inspired. Your flexibility in using virtual staff meeting tools like Ring Central is a bonus to your company’s environment.  

4. Allow Employees to Work From Home on a Day of Their Commitment

Admit it and raise your hand if you experience these personal commitments:

  • Your appointment with the dentist overlaps your work schedule
  • Your contacted cable person or plumber will arrive at your home between 9 and 11 a.m.
  • Your duty for that day is picking up your child at school since your husband has been traveling for business trips.

All of these circumstances force you to stay at home. You have no other option but to do it. With companies like biotech corporation Genentech and automotive manufacturer giant Nissan Motor Corporation, their framework for their employees and virtual staff is flexible based on the day-to-day happenings of life. These companies also provide facilities for childcare on site. For ten years, these big companies have had the culture of having more than half of their employers being women. Less than half of that population are officers and have managerial positions in the company.

Final Thoughts

If your company commits and follows these four digital cultural drivers, the work environment fosters the following key components – gender equality, inclusion, flexibility, and diversity. You also generate competitive advantage and employee experience. Through digital technology, not only do female employees benefit from this practice but the entire workforce will appreciate a flexible workplace and translate this into rewards for the company.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions meets that in all points. Partner with Phoenix Virtual Solutions as we are in solidarity with celebrating International Women’s Month. Empower women and female healthcare virtual staff in the workplace (and your entire workforce) with digital technology by contacting our team today!

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