Virtual Staffing Offers Labor Cost Savings for FEMA Supported Vaccination Centers

Virtual Healthcare Assistant Staffing surges in demand in the healthcare industry as the global business increases its demand for remote workers. 

Virtual Healthcare Assistant for doctors can significantly help the cause of the Biden Administration  through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support Covid-19  Vaccination Centers throughout the United States. 

This month ushered in FEMA support to the tune of around $204 million in assistance to  Americans as it received more than 212,000 registrations for funeral assistance. 

The private sector supported this program by the US government as childcare companies including the YMCA offer free drop-in childcare while their parents are getting vaccinated.  

FEMA, on the other hand, continues to work with state governments by providing federal  support to community vaccination that includes vaccine allocation to nine pilot sites.  Healthcare Outsourcing Services offered by virtual healthcare solution companies like  Phoenix Virtual Solutions significantly help the government as well as the vaccination centers by lowering its labor costs by around 60%. 

These Virtual Healthcare Assistant services in the USA can support the 90 mobile pop-up sites receiving supplemental vaccine allocations and other federal support. 

According to the FEMA advisory, 18 mobile vaccination units are deployed to Arizona,  Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, and Oregon.  These mobile units have delivered more than 56,100 vaccinations. 

This customer service for healthcare providers can augment the federal personnel  support given by FEMA as its COVID-19 advisory showed 27 federal community  vaccination center pilot sites and 130 mobile pop-up sites have completed the pilot program in June. 

Customer Service Outsourcing companies like Phoenix Virtual Solutions can assist  American awareness of these Federally supported vaccination centers by leading and  assisting them in finding a vaccination center close to them and making an appointment. 

Virtual Staffing Offers Labor Cost Savings for FEMA Supported Vaccination Centers Second

This business process outsourcing customer service can also link Americans to visit for their COVID-19 inoculation schedule. 

FEMA also reported that federal community vaccination centers administered 5.6 million  vaccinations to federal community vaccination center pilot sites. This proactive  vaccination by President Biden can be enhanced with the support of healthcare  outsourcing services provided by Phoenix Virtual Solutions whose combined 75 years of 

Healthcare experience will significantly boost the goal of overcoming the pandemic by inoculating the majority of Americans to attain herd immunity in the country. 

Phoenix Virtual Solutions offers various back-office outsourcing services for vaccination  centers throughout the US. This outsourced customer support service offered by PVS ranges from medical office virtual receptionist, social media customer service  outsourcing, medical billing and collection services, medical bill auditing services,  accounting for healthcare services, healthcare data entry specialist, customer service for  healthcare professionals, digital marketing and other services provided by back-office outsourcing companies. 

Let Phoenix Virtual Solutions rise up to the challenge of the lack of onsite workers while  saving labor costs as it supports the nationwide vaccination centers of the US  government.

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