Virtual Staffing Solutions: Freedom to Manage Your Business

Over one-third of small-scale businesses outsource a handful of selected operations. By the looks of how 2019 came and carried over to the new normal brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, many have since unlocked the promising benefits of outsourcing. Virtual staffing in a nutshell means outsourcing services within your business whether onshore or offshore, in lieu of dealing with in-house hires.

With outsourcing, small-scale businesses are able to get more work done while entrusting tedious back-office processes to professionals. Growing your team to work full-time is no longer necessary. Outsourcing keeps expenses on a tight rein, increases efficiency, and allows you to focus on the enjoyable parts of your business.

This freedom may be interpreted and experienced in many ways in different business areas. Here are some ways you might experience these freedoms. We at Phoenix Virtual Solutions can give you all the legroom you need.

Flexibility in Handling Accounting

Accounting is one common area where small-scale businesses prefer to outsource. If you are not an expert in finance and accounting, this can be a really daunting task that consumes valuable time and may require a lot of compliance standards. You can enjoy savings of as much as 60% when a highly trained Phoenix accountant handles your books. Not only does it maximize your revenue, but it also increases efficiency.

Limitless Possibilities In Digital Marketing

As your business grows, an outside marketing firm can do wonders for your company. Digital marketing is a whole new world if you’re not as net-savvy. You can have the liberty to have your ads designed, have written content created and posted on every social media platform on the internet highway. Any business entrepreneur has their plate full and not many have the luxury of time to immerse themselves in this aspect of marketing. Let the experts handle this while you focus on the internal functions of your business. Phoenix Virtual Solutions has a roster of top-rate Filipino healthcare virtual staff who can provide creative ideas and other appealing strategies you may not have access to.

Spontaneity In Sales Calls

Not everyone has the gift of gab for sales. But outsourcing this area of your business may just find you the best sales talents who can set up your processes and funnels that close deals. Outsourcing your sales team along with web-savvy virtual assistants could very well bring in more business opportunities and revenue for you. If sales isn’t your thing, no need to wring your neck about it. Outsource and get the results you need.

Latitude In Administrative Tasks

Since the pandemic, most entrepreneurs and solopreneurs are working at home with their office setup. Telecommuting isn’t something new, but this brought in a significant wave of virtual assistants exploring this avenue as an alternative career. There are different types of virtual assistants. Some are well-versed in copywriting and can assist an online store with posting their merchandise on various platforms while dealing with the basic admin tasks. Our healthcare VAs in Phoenix are adept with patient care management allowing healthcare executives and professionals to scale and streamline their practice. Outsourcing is an inexpensive way to get the nitty-gritty work done. There are VAs who charge USD 10 per hour for general and minimal tasks while a skilled virtual assistant with specialized skills may ask to be paid between $30 and $75 an hour.

Ease in Dealing with Customers

If your business handles customers online or over the phone, outsourcing your customer service strategy is the key to reaching a wider scope of customers. Hire an offshore call center company or chat service like Phoenix Virtual Solutions to cater to your needs. For this to flow smoothly, processes should be in place first. Then, ensure that all instructions provided are clear and included when designating specific clientele. The customers’ experience is critical to your business’ success. On the first contact with the customer, the virtual staff should be available and responsive. They should know how to field inquiries, solve problems, and resolve issues efficiently with a good demeanor.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of company size, running a business can be complex, confusing, and downright frustrating. Get a better understanding of your business goals, processes, and people. Optimize your performance, review early indicators of problems, and solve problems before they occur.

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