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What BPO Accounts and Virtual Assistant Companies are in the Philippines?

The Philippines has been home to many offshore outsourcing business partners worldwide. These companies in the Philippines grow rapidly today because of foreign demands. But to maintain business success, let’s take a look at the various business processing accounts and virtual assistant companies that are in the Philippines.

For Inbound Calls

Phoenix Virtual Solutions

Banking and Finance Accounts

These companies outsource IT services in the Philippines. They deal with inquiries and customers’ complaints immediately with no business disruptions in their daily operations. Phoenix Virtual Solutions does exactly that! No more guessing is needed to know how your business is doing financially. Accounting and bookkeeping services offer you peace of mind while keeping you updated on your business.

Products and Services

If you choose to outsource virtual assistants in the Philippines, let Phoenix Virtual Solutions handle your customer hotlines. Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) take customers’ orders over the phone. It takes a lot of patience and time when order taking. The established rapport between the customer and the CSR is dependent on the whole interaction.

Technical Support

In this field, tech support agents identify the problem by asking customers questions. Giving instructions also helps resolve issues. The English language is one skill set Filipinos are good at, reassuring you of lesser chances of difficulty in communication. Often, customers want to ask for help and advice about specific products. This is what made these accounts one of the most commonly outsourced accounts in the Philippines.


When customers purchase a product or service or upon initial acquisition, after-sales come in. This communication runs between the company and the customer.

Administrative Coordinator

This virtual assistant ensures that the offshore operations will remain workflow systematic and harmonious. Required communication skills should be excellent and able to close the gap between the employer and employees. Use RingCentral as the leading remote communication tool for effective, clear video conferencing.

For Outbound Calls After-Sales

Lead Generation

A lead is a customer who shows interest in your products and services. You can convert this person into a prospective client which starts lead generation. It is the act of creating varied ways to attract customers to become a lead.

Sales Calls

The marketing arm of a company should be strategic to invoke excitement in its customers, which eventually leads to sales. Making a sales call is among the tried and tested strategies that may involve an in-person meet-up with the prospective client. This meeting, if handled well, could eventually generate sales.

Chat and Email Support

Phoenix Virtual Solutions

This non-voice support when outsourced is when the virtual assistant communicates to the customers via email or chat. What makes customer service high-quality is the essence of responding and acknowledging the customer’s query promptly. Some customers prefer to use it if communicating with another person is difficult for them.

Back Office Support

This part is essential for a business to be successful. The responsibilities of this virtual assistant consist of financial and administrative tasks Back office support ensures that the completion of the company concerning all requirements are accomplished and in place while following procedures that are appropriate with its daily operations.

These reasons are the main driving force for companies to outsource specific tasks because of undue distractions from other concerns unrelated to finances.

Final Thoughts: Retail Account in BPO

The specialty of a retail BPO is to deliver the labor needed for a retail business. Since the behavior of consumers is now evolving and technology in this modern day has plenty of breakthroughs, businesses need to go online to provide a solid basis for consumer care. To reduce retail labor and its difficulties, the solution to this is retail outsourcing.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions is here for you! We assist you with the hassle-free recruitment process of building your workforce. Our virtual assistants consist of professional, highly-skilled, HIPAA-trained agents who will collaborate and manage your time wisely. Contact us now to secure your dominance in the marketplace. Have a large enough workforce to give you an edge and compete with other businesses.

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