10 Things About Freelancing That Might Change Your Mind

1. You Don’t Have A Fixed Monthly Income

Having a fixed monthly income is so much more convenient than just waiting for another project or gig you can find. No matter the circumstance you are sure you are still getting paid.

2. You Don’t Have Night Differential Pay

In the Philippines, employers are mandated to pay their employees a night differential pay when their work falls on 10:00PM to 6:00AM. If you are a freelancer you don’t get to demand this benefit.

3. You Don’t Get Holiday Pay

When your work falls on a holiday in the Philippines you can’t demand a holiday pay and your daily pay remains the same. Whereas being a Regular Employee, you are entitled to overtime pay of up to 130% of your hourly rate and earn a holiday pay of up to 200% of your daily rate.

4. You Don’t Get Paid Sick Leaves

If you are a freelancer, you are not entitled to paid sick leaves not unless it is stated in your contract. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

10 things about being a freelancer that might change your mind second
5. You Are Required to Report Your Income to BIR and Remit Your Own Tax

Reporting and remitting taxes on your own will be so much more inconvenient than being a regular employee and having your dedicated HR do all these tasks for you.

6. Not All Clients Offer Share on Government Contribution

When you are hired as a regular employee, your employer is required to share on your government contribution premium up to Php3,100 per month.

Government contribution may be used for emergency loan and pension on retirement age.

7. Not All Clients Offer HMO

You are entitled of a health coverage of Php150,000 per illness per year or more.

8. You’re Employment is Not Secured

Your engagement is only based on a written contract and you may be terminated anytime by your client while if you are a regular employee your security of tenure is protected by the Philippine Labor Code.

9. Unreimbursed Expenses

You will not receive an additional pay for using your own equipment and resources but if you are a regular employee you are entitled to a non-taxable subsidy pay of Php3,000.

10. Freelance or Be A WFH Regular Employee?

Working from Home as a Regular Employee might be the best of both worlds. You get all the benefits of a Regular Employee minus the transportation costs. More importantly, freelance work, unstable as it is, takes most of your time for the family and self care unlike a WFH regular employee which gives you job stability while having a work-life balance while providing a safe environment during this time of pandemic.

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