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$3 Million Revenue Savings In Just 3 Months

A client had an unexpected 200% surge in revenue and needed more staff.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions supplied a full staff of HIPAA-certified virtual billing and collections specialists in affordable cost-efficient labor. We also streamlined the client’s business processes with seamless staff scaling.

Because of our virtual solutions, the client has generated $3 million in revenue savings in just 12 months. Smooth vendor transactions, optimized productivity, and improved patient care coordination were all possible with the help of RingCentral Cloud Communications.

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Increased Patient Traffic Amid Covid Lockdown

Due to Covid-19 safety restrictions, the doctor’s clinic experienced low patient foot traffic. Patients were hesitant to come in for consultations and follow-up care.

RingCentral allowed patients to safely receive timely virtual care with the virtual assistance of Phoenix Virtual Solutions during the pandemic lockdowns. Actual virtual staff provided prompt responses to calls and answered queries at any time. Patients assisted by Phoenix Virtual Staff were genuinely satisfied with their ability to skillfully address their healthcare needs remotely.

Both doctor and patients continued consultations. patient traffic was regained, and revenue increased appreciably. Doctors and patients experienced the convenient benefits of RingCentral’s cloud communications while building patient trust and confidence in their consultations.

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A Dentist’s Aches Solved

A dentist experienced business aches and pains due to patient no-shows, time-consuming follow-up calls, and patients’ frustrations toward clinic voicemails.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions provided 24/7 patient engagement with live virtual assistants. They also equipped the dental clinic with RingCentral tailored tools for efficient patient coordination and streamlined routine operations.

As a result, there was a significant boost in timely consultations and follow-ups with increased reliable patient show-ups as well as a significant increase in income. Dedicated Phoenix Virtual Assistants encouraged more patients to secure dental appointments through reliable cloud communications with RingCentral.

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