Accounting and Bookkeeping

Need someone to take care of your financial reports and balance sheets? We’re here to help you discover a pool of highly-qualified financial and Healthcare accounting and bookkeeping professionals, all while saving significant costs.

Bookeeping and Accounting


We provide outsourced bookkeeper virtual assistants and accountants who are adept in using popular accounting software. Let them handle your payroll, post payments from your clients, and manage your bills so you can focus on your practice or any accounting for healthcare services.

With the help of our Outsourced bookkeepers and certified accountants, you can be assured of a more cost-efficient way of maintaining your books while keeping a tight internal process control.


At Phoenix Virtual Solutions, we are the best partner of healthcare providers in building an excellent team of accounting and bookkeeping VAs and certified accountants who are college-educated, experienced, and committed to excellent service.  We drive your labor cost down significantly. We also have a flexible business model that allows scalability on demand.

Transform your practice and streamline your healthcare processes by making Phoenix Virtual Solutions part of your workflow. Learn more about us.

Ensure your business’s financial efficiency, including transaction verification and tax compliance, with the help of your offshore accountants from Phoenix Virtual Solutions.

No need to guess how your business is doing financially. Your offshore bookkeeper can post transactions, update statements, and reconcile accounts for your peace of mind.

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The Phoenix Virtual Solutions team has 75 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry.  We bring to the table our first-hand knowledge of healthcare processes and best practices.

See how our company has helped other healthcare providers and facilities.

What Our Clients Say About Our Healthcare Outsourcing Services:

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