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Optimize cost without jeopardizing customer experience. Phoenix Virtual Solutions will find you a dedicated workforce to ace your customer gratification.

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If you have a growing business, whether starting out or an established company, and want to improve your support coverage but don’t have the tools and needed support, by outsourcing customer service, you are not only adding flexibility to your duties but also ensuring you are maintaining that quality of customer service all customers deserve.

With Phoenix Virtual Solutions’ adaptable workforce, we can personalize our services like data entry, medical billing and collections, back-office & support, customer service, and accounting & bookkeeping to your business needs. As you thread on bringing more revenue to the table, Phoenix Virtual Solutions on the other hand will ensure your existing clients receive exceptional service.

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At Phoenix Virtual Solutions, we are the best partner of healthcare providers in building an excellent team of virtual assistants who are college-educated, experienced, and committed to excellent service.  We drive your labor cost down significantly.  We also have a flexible business model that allows scalability on demand.

Transform your practice and streamline your healthcare processes by making Phoenix Virtual Solutions part of your workflow.

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The Phoenix Virtual Solutions team has 75 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry.  We bring to the table our first-hand knowledge of healthcare processes and best practices.

See how our company has helped other healthcare providers and facilities.

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