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Outsourced Data Entry Experts. Excellent quality results by hiring our proficient and efficient Healthcare Data Entry Specialist.

Healthcare Data Entry Services

Yes, You Need a Healthcare Data Entry Specialist

Having a dedicated specialist keen on details and good in analysis can make your record-keeping prime. Having an organized tracking system will keep track of your orders, expenses, appointments and so many more possible tasks that can help you sharply manage your time like medical billing & collections.

Focus on the core duties needed for your business and hand over to us the labor. This will save your time and will definitely economize your business.


At Phoenix Virtual Solutions, we are the best partner of healthcare providers in building an excellent team of administrative VAs who are college-educated, experienced, and committed to excellent service.  We drive your labor cost down significantly. We also have a flexible business model that allows scalability on demand.

Transform your practice and streamline your healthcare processes by making Phoenix Virtual Solutions part of your workflow.

Medical records
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Manage your business better with skilled and well-trained virtual front office managers who can help handle your medical practice’s day-to-day operations.

Stay organized and on top of your healthcare practice with the help of a Virtual Staff from Phoenix Virtual Solutions. From account management to sales and marketing, we got you covered!

Administrative Tasks

Get more work done and worry less. We take care of everything for you including medical record management, data entry, and patient care coordination.


The Phoenix Virtual Solutions team has 75 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry.  We bring to the table our first-hand knowledge of healthcare processes and best practices.

See how our company has helped other healthcare providers and facilities.

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