10 Best Virtual Healthcare Assistant Companies in the Philippines

The growing demand for virtual healthcare assistants has been very evident over the past years. 

It provides support with sorting out and dealing with work responsibilities stress-free while increasing your job satisfaction rate. With its proven efficiency and usefulness, you can diminish meaningless undertakings, enabling you to focus more on the important ones. 

At this point, you might be planning on hiring one and we know there are many factors to consider in choosing the best.

Listed below are the 10 Best Virtual Healthcare Assistant Companies in the Philippines to help you with your needs.

1. Phoenix Virtual Solutions

Bringing to the table the top-line VA company, Phoenix Virtual Solutions, is unrivaled with 75 years of combined experience in the US healthcare industry. Offering offshore employment to healthcare sources, facilities, and management companies, they are on their way to be the number one healthcare outsourcing company in the Philippines.

2. The VA Hub

For over ten years now, the company owners have been leading various industries as business professionals. Having its mission to connect to its clients with first-class virtual assistants and skilled workers, the VA Hub certainly enhances the work-life equilibrium of business owners from various niches. It helps persistently develop effective and practical ways to create a progressive impact on the clients.

3. Xilium

As a service provider in business and healthcare practice administration, this company has been associated with various clients for seven years of operation. Xilium is a company headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, with administrative offices in Burnsville, Minnesota. Operations are based in Iloilo, Philippines. They guarantee their clients with highly skilled people who have enhanced technological, security, and communication skills. With the different support services they offer, they are always on the go to provide you an exceptional experience. 

4. REVA Global 

One of the best options for choosing the best virtual healthcare assistant is REVA Global. It has its headquarters in America and an increasing workforce in the Philippines. Their support team consists of high-caliber virtual workers of the global enterprise, which can assure you that the clients’ needs are satisfactorily met.

5. Clark Outsourcing

When it comes to providing medical outsourcing services, Clark Outsourcing is also on the top line. It is an American-owned and operated corporation located in the Clark Economic Zone of the Philippines. Healthcare, as one of the fastest-growing sectors among Fortune 500, made Clark Outsourcing depend on its subsidiary OutsourcedMedical.com With over 14 years of operation in the BPO industry, they are well-equipped to handle their clients’ healthcare outsourcing needs.

6. iSuporta

With thousands of virtual assistant services in the Philippines, iSuporta is considered a Turn-Key Office Extension company that lets enterprises design an outsourced and on-demand solution to meet their business’s needs, no matter how big or small it is. iSuporta was founded by a group of executives who aimed to establish a more compliant and perceptible outsourcing BPO service.

7. MicroSourcing

MicroSourcing is among the top healthcare BPOs in the Philippines, being ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. It has built an adjacent correspondence with the healthcare practice industry, with hundreds of workers operating for US-based companies.

8. Transmedd

Transmedd Medical Services Inc. started as a medical transcription and health information management services provider for the American healthcare industry in 2006. After a while, they began to partake in medical back-office services by developing virtual medical assistants that took care of incoming faxes and voicemails, verifying and pre-authorizing insurance, summarizing labs, and preparing charts, coordinating referrals, and scheduling patients. Now in its thirteenth year and serving in six states, they continue to help with a coordinated suite of practice solutions, enabling them to gain the clients’ trust.

9. Probe Group

Probe Group has advanced to being one of the leading customer experience management organizations by offering outsourcing services and collections management. It has become among the most awarded service providers in the industry. Probe Group has been operating across the Pacific, Asia, North America, and Africa with over four decades of practice and involvement.

10. Express Virtual Assistant

Another VA to provide you 24/7 assistance is Express Virtual Assistant, which has delivery centers in India, the Philippines, Kenya, Bolivia, and Colombia. It is a division of Flatworld Solutions offering unmatched support from veteran remote assistants. A major player since 2004, they have developed expertise in terms of delivering outsourced virtual assistant services allowing them to be able to help and improve their clients’ work productivity.

Which among these Virtual Healthcare Assistant Companies fits best for you?

The Philippines is indeed a great provider of virtual assistance, especially in terms of healthcare. With its expanding growth and popularity, it is no secret that clients keep looking for more. Venturing from small-time to big-time business opportunities or any work-related responsibilities, these VA companies will guarantee you less headache and continued success in the future.

Consider these 10 Best Virtual Healthcare Assistant Companies in the Philippines in your decision-making and get yourself the best HVA’s to help you.

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