virtual medical assistants

Patient Access Management: A Virtual Medical Assistant Solution

Patient Access Management Solution (PAM) is a solution that provides access to managing patient services that include all functions related to the administration and registration process for new and returning patients. It is also a tool to prevent denials by having earlier insight into patient and payer information.

All these can be aligned with the excellent and cost-saving healthcare outsourcing services of Phoenix Virtual Solutions as we align our Virtual Medical Assistants for doctors and healthcare providers with your Revenue Cycle Staff that includes processing of PAM Solution. 

Another advantage of the PAM solution is increased laboratory reimbursement. Unlike traditional providers in which they need to interview patients as part of their medical check-up, laboratory staff usually does not interact with patients in getting patient and payer information. Thru the PAM solution which can be done by Virtual Medical Assistants services, labs will be able to successfully collect the vital patient demographic and payer information for reimbursement on patient services.

PAM Solution with customer support outsourcing services can also provide high quality and easily accessible patient care as well as overall family healthcare management.  PAM Solutions can be applied to comprehensive patients and family care services such as setting office hours, physician scheduling, open-access scheduling, and telehealth.

virtual medical assistants

PAM Solution with customer service for healthcare providers can also help pediatricians and their Virtual Healthcare Assistants use the virtual technology to connect with patients and families, from giving online patient care to providing video-enabled check-ups.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions thru its skilled and excellent virtual assistants for doctors and healthcare professionals can make use of PAM Solution to provide excellent quality care while ensuring that patients and families can get medical care whenever they need it.

Laboratories also do not get the interaction with patients compared to the usual healthcare provider as they interview the patients for information as well as payer details. PAM Solution with the assistance of a Virtual Medical Assistants office virtual receptionist helps collect vital patient and payer information for successful reimbursement of the healthcare services. 

All these can be complemented by Phoenix Virtual Solutions’ best medical billing and coding services as it rises the operations and financials of the laboratories and healthcare providers by aligning the Patient Access Management Solution with highly efficient and cost-saving Virtual Healthcare Assistants.

To make the most of Patient Access Management Solution, it is time to partner with Phoenix Virtual Solutions by having your own revenue cycle virtual healthcare assistants that include medical billing and collection services.

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