Phoenix Virtual Solutions & American Chamber Foundation Charity Event

As the festive season slowly fades into the realities of yet another pandemic year, Phoenix Virtual Solutions joined hands with the American Chamber Foundation and Save the Children Foundation in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, to bring some much-needed smiles to communities and individuals in the run-up to this year’s holiday festivities.

As an active member of both organizations, we made it our mission to encourage the spirit of service and compassion by sharing our blessings with the young and disadvantaged. The pandemic has seen children facing challenges that could affect their future lives, and we at Phoenix Virtual Solutions wanted to give hope and allow them to see the silver lining amid the craziness brought on by Covid-19.

“I Can Breathe” : Charity Outreach For Children With Asthma

December 17, 2021, we were privileged to organize a charity event that made it possible for us to appropriate donations to children afflicted with asthma from Barangay Rizal and Barangay Southside located in the municipal city of Makati. Our vision and mission culminated in this charity project which we aptly named “ I Can Breathe”.

The project is the brainchild of Phoenix’s CEO, bearing in mind children whose parents could never afford the basic treatment for asthma. Children born with or have acquired this condition may be mildly or severely affected by it that it hampers their way of life, thereby limiting their potentials for a productive future. 

Asthma among children and adolescents aged 5-17 years old is attributed to a loss of 10 million school days annually. That’s 10 million days of missing out on learning new things and building social skills while bonding and having fun with friends. 

“I Can Breathe” is our own little way to pave a promising future for these underprivileged children and with our client’s continued patronage of our services, we are striving to build a foundation dedicated to helping Filipino asthmatic children cope with the impairing challenges of living with this respiratory condition.

In partnership with the American Chamber Foundation of the Philippines, Phoenix Virtual Solutions donated 10 sets of nebulizers with ample provisions of nebules and 10pcs of nebulizer masks. The provided nebules are good to supply each barangay for a duration of 4 months, with an allotment of 120 nebules each month.

Moving forward, the company will assess logistics to determine the possibility of continually supplying both communities with free nebules or expanding the project to benefit asthmatic children in other municipalities.

Cash Aid Donations For Typhoon Odette Victims

In line with our charity mission and vision, Phoenix Virtual Solutions is also donating cash aid to help with alleviating the aftermath of the untimely holiday wrath of Typhoon Odette in the Philippines.

The country is no stranger to such calamitous events that ravage the archipelago during the Christmas season. December 2021 was not spared from this catastrophic cyclone, as it became the first Category 5-equivalent super typhoon since Typhoon Nina (international codename: Nock-ten) in 2016. 

The Visayas region of the archipelago bore the brunt of Odette (international codename: Typhoon Rai) leaving behind a destructive trail from heavy rainfall and unrelenting strong winds that pounded several areas between the Visayas and Mindanao regions. Affected areas continue to experience the impact of Odette, with many still trudging through power outages and deprived communications. Several provinces have appealed for aid, describing this yuletide cyclone as one of the worst. On record, 406 have died and at least 1,147 Filipinos were reported injured. Several countries have responded to assist the Philippines in providing food rations, relief goods, logistical support in affected areas as well as immediate funds.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions is carrying out its social responsibilities by donating cash aid to the victims of Typhoon Odette through the AmCham Foundation Philippines and Save the Children Foundation in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce. 

Much of what we campaign for in our charity projects is to create a conducive climate and a better life for disadvantaged Filipino children. We would like to thank you for supporting our virtual staffing services, as your business enables our mission and goes a long way in helping change the lives of so many Filipinos.

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