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A Pocket Guide to Finding the Best Virtual Healthcare Assistant

Finding the best virtual healthcare assistants can be a challenge because there is a lot of virtual staffing companies that offer heaps of similar services. Most of these companies are offshore so you already have an idea that budget-wise, the resources you have may most likely match the requirements.  

So let us narrow down this broad search and make it more specific to which are the best virtual healthcare assistants for you. 

Yes, the Filipinos top the list in outsourcing virtual assistants for the following top three (3) reasons:

  • They speak English well. 

By this, we are referring to the fact that they speak English as their second language. Maybe there are some who are wondering why practically all of them are fluent in it.  That’s because from kindergarten to college, all lessons are discussed in English. So do the math and you can get an idea of how long they’ve been speaking English. 

  • They are used to working at night.

Since the early 2000s when BPOs from countries like the US, Mexico, Australia, and Europe established headquarters in the country, a lot of Filipinos have worked with these companies in graveyard shifts. Even if your requirement is for them to work from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM local time, their body clocks will have no problem adjusting to it.

  • They are friendly.

A lot of countries have found Filipinos to be one of the best customer service representatives on the planet. It’s not only because their neutral English is easy to comprehend, but also because they attend to calls and other communications gracefully. If you happen to have an irate customer, you’ll find your Filipino healthcare assistant pacifying the situation with an amiable tone and will always be happy to help.

Now that we have established that the best virtual healthcare assistants are in the Philippines, where is the best place to find them? 

There is a lot of virtual staff companies in the country and you would want to go for one that offers stability and quality service with a cost-effective fee, right?  Let us ask you then, how does 60% savings off your labor cost sound? Does it seem too good to be true? 

Well, think again because such a company definitely exists. We are Phoenix Virtual Solutions! 

With 75 years of experience in setting up effective processes, we can say this certainly takes care of your stability and quality service requirements. With the 60% savings from labor cost, that is definitely hitting two birds with one stone! 

All of our virtual healthcare assistants are HIPPA-certified with adept training and skills in a variety of services. These range from answering queries, scheduling and following up appointments, patient record management, database entry, insurance billing and collection, and yes, even accounting tasks, such as balance sheets and financial reports. 

Moreover, offices are based both in the US and the Philippines to ensure that representatives will always be there, ready to be of assistance, should you need it. 

So how does this work? What do you need to do to have these dedicated people become part of your organization? We do it in three (3) steps: 

  • First up, identify what your needs are.

Let us know the specific tasks you have in mind so we can choose which from our able virtual healthcare assistants have the right background and experience to carry them out competently. 

  • Next step, we provide you with the right person or team. 

We follow a strict screening process, meticulously picking out and evaluating the skills of our roster of assistants to find out which among them exactly suits your needs and requirements. 

  • Finally, you can start streamlining your workflow. 

With your virtual healthcare assistant onboard, you can begin simplifying your workflow by delegating administrative tasks and concentrating more on those that need your skills and expertise.

Can you believe the answer lies in three (3) seemingly simple yet time-tested steps? Well, at Phoenix Virtual Solutions, this is how we make it work! 

So call us today and let us talk about how we can help in giving you more time to focus on what matters most in your vocation: your patients.

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