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Philippine Children’s Medical Center: A Phoenix Virtual Solutions and AmCham Foundation Charity Event

April 28, 2022, we’re glad to organize a Part 2 of “I Can Breathe: A Phoenix Virtual Solutions and AmCham Foundation Project for Children with Asthma”, in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce Foundation of the Philippines (AmCham Phils). We delivered 18 sets of donated nebulizers with masks, medicines, dial-type weighing scale, and blood pressure monitor with cart. This time, it was held at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) in Quezon Avenue, corner Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City.

This project focused on chosen indigent patients of PCMC needing help to breathe so they can live healthy young lives. Phoenix’ CEO began this advocacy to help families with sickly children afflicted with asthma along with patients enduring other respiratory issues who cannot afford the basic treatment of this debilitating illness. Born and raised in Quezon City, the CEO chose PCMC to help children from her hometown. 

UNTV Network Channel, a public service media network and one of the largest broadcasting TV networks in the Philippines, covered this charity project and will be featured in its Pulis @ Ur Serbis segment. The program itself highlights the daily rigors of keeping a safe and conducive environment protected by our local police force.

During the charity event, Edwin Feist, President of AmCham Foundation Philippines and Chairman & CEO of Advance Nutrition Technologies, welcomed the PCMC doctors, guests, the parents and their child beneficiaries. Rommel Ragasa, Phoenix Virtual Solutions’ Vice President of Admin and Business Development, gave an inspirational message to the parents and children. Dr. Cecilia Gan, PCMC’s Director for Hospital Support Service, accepted the donation in behalf of the sponsored children.

Phoenix Virtual Solutions' “I Can Breathe” : Charity Outreach For Children With Asthma

Phoenix Virtual Solutions

Last December 17, 2021, Part 1 of this ongoing charity activity was held in Makati City, namely in Barangay Rizal and Barangay Southside. In cooperation with the AmCham office, Phoenix Virtual Solutions donated 10 sets of nebulizers with ample provisions of nebules and 10 pieces of nebulizer masks for each barangay.

Why We Choose Philippine Children's Medical Center?

Phoenix Virtual Solutions

The government owns the National Centers for Specialized Health Care. The PCMC belongs to one of these controlled corporate centers under the Department of Health. This tertiary hospital can accommodate 200 beds with the following mandate:

  • to provide the utmost pediatric care to sickly children
  • to be a center for comprehensive clinical research
  • to offer certified training programs for medical and allied healthcare professionals.

PCMC is the hospital we chose to benefit from our donated medical equipment because it focuses on pediatric patients and high-risk pregnant women. Their practices are the best choice for a hospital to work in based on multidisciplinary research. Their expertise is unique, coming from either within PCMC or the regions or communities. 

The hospital also provides excellent training programs for healthcare workers to ensure they give optimum services to their patients. For this reason, PCMC is the Philippines’ premier institution in training, research, and service for pediatric and perinatal patient care.

The core values of PCMC are citizen-focused, professionalism, creativity and the Filipino trait of “malasakit”. These are what drove Phoenix Virtual Solutions to make PCMC our hospital of choice for this second quarter. PCMC’s culture shows the strong foundation support to achieve their ultimate goal in improving the health of underprivileged vulnerable children and high-risk pregnant women.

With a mission that focuses on conducting collaborative research and training, PCMC healthcare professionals address patients’ health needs by delivering the most responsive care. They also prioritize underserved and depressed areas, giving access to the basic standards of care.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Phoenix Virtual Solutions, a Philippine-based virtual healthcare assistant company, will strive to continue its social responsibilities as the workforce enabling the lives of so many Filipinos in the true sense of “malasakit” through our partnership with the AmCham Foundation Philippines.

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