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A Day in the Life of a Virtual Healthcare Assistant | Phoenix Virtual Solutions

Virtual medical assistant

Shooting a positive smile at the mirror, I stand up to get ready. My day as a Virtual Healthcare Assistant (HVA) is about to begin.

The sun has risen; another day has come. I stretch, yawn a bit more, rub my eyes and take a deep breath. With a full day ahead, I need my energy to be at the optimum level. My phone beeps signalling a notification. I checked to see who it is and just as I thought it would be, it’s my client who I call, “Doctor Boss.”

So you’ve probably heard of an HVA already, right? Well, that’s basically me. I’m an HVA from Phoenix Virtual Solutions and I’m responsible for certain virtual assistant tasks Doctor Boss assigns to me.

I’m not based in the same office as he is. I work remotely, in another country as a matter of fact, but well, with the internet making practically all services possible and accessible even when you’re not in the same location, distance is definitely no hindrance.

So you may be wondering what these virtual assistant tasks are? Well, it’s a range of different things to do actually.

Here’s a look at what services Phoenix Virtual Solutions’ Virtual Healthcare Assistant can help you with:

Healthcare. Phoenix Virtual Solutions is a provider of HIPAA-certified Virtual Healthcare Assistant who are proficient in general administration. From patient management, scheduling, insurance billing and collection to front office support, we know it like the back of our hand.

Virtual Assistants. This is our most basic function. For our clients to focus on patients that need more of their priority and attention, we handle the administrative part of their work. Among these are patient record management and care coordination.

Customer Service. As we interact with our client’s patients, it follows that we are trained to provide excellent customer care. Of course, this is not limited to patients only as we engage with healthcare providers and facilities as well.

Back Office Support. Think of us as your personal secretary. We take your phone calls and handle appointments and confirmations. Not only are your ears spared from the ache of having a phone stuck there for hours, but this also helps boost your patient traffic too.

IT and Software Development. With the aim of helping people, you’d want them to know about you and your practice right? Well, we go the extra mile with our IT and digital team who can help in promoting your online presence; thereby, expanding your reach.  

Finance and Accounting. Among the matters to deal with in any kind of business are financial reports and balance sheets but face it, not all of us are good in numbers. Well, we can also provide you with adept accounting professionals so you don’t have to worry about Math at all!

While we do have all these services, my virtual assistant tasks are more focused on healthcare, virtual assistance, customer service and back-office support.

In a nutshell, I handle all administrative aspects so that Doctor Boss can concentrate on tasks that only he can do like patient consultation, doing rounds and attending to any operations that will need his practice and expertise.

Being an HVA is a full-time job, a whole of eight hours but it’s fulfilling. It makes me happy that I was able to help even just one person get well and feel better because Doctor Boss’ schedule now allows him to see more patients and give them first-rate healthcare.

And that’s pretty much what goes on each day in my life as a virtual healthcare assistant.

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